What to Consider When Planning an Overseas Trip


We all have bucket list destinations but turning them into an epic vacation is easier than you think.  Why not put that bucket list in writing or on a vision board and start dreaming!  With a little planning, smart spending and a goal in mind going on that next overseas vacation is easier than you think.

What to Consider When Planning an Overseas Trip

Decide on your destination

Now that you’ve created your dream destination list where do you want to start?  I have places on my list like Norway and Bali.  Ultimately my final decision is based on the funds I have available, but working within your budget is easier than you think!

Length of your stay

The length of your stay can depend on many things including vacation time and other countries you want to visit.  I know that if I’m traveling overseas between the connections and time zone changes I need to plan two travel days at the beginning and end of the trip.

Why not look at a map when you’re considering the length of your stay.  There are flight hops you can do in Europe, Malaysia, and Indonesia that make sense when visiting from overseas.   Not only will you get to explore more of what the different countries have to offer but the culture and people are amazing.  A route that you might want to consider is Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta, it is under 2 hours and there are 217 flights a week available, allowing you to check off two amazing destinations during your overseas travel.

Booking your overseas flight

Booking your flight

Now that you have taken a peek at a world map planning your overseas trip is hopefully a little easier.  I love stopovers that give you time to explore a destination before moving on to the next, overseas flights are usually long so why not take advantage of layovers so you can check off a few more cities along your travel route.

When looking for cheap flight prices check for last minute deals and be flexible with travel dates.  Sometimes it is cheaper to book your long leg with one airline and then book your final destination with a local airline like Saudi Airlines >>> (الخطوط السعودية).  Keep in mind the luggage requirements for the airlines you’re choosing to book with; sometimes cheaper flights cost more for extra like checking luggage or even carry-ons.

Accommodation Options

Accommodations can sometimes make or break your trip.  When doing your research find out where you’ll be doing most of your exploring, is there public transit to take you there or is it close enough you can walk. You can easily book Hotels in Mekka (حجز فنادق مكة) that cover all these basic needs. Always read customer reviews before booking, so you know what to expect.  Sometimes staying on the outskirts of the city and taking a train in is a lot cheaper than staying right in the heart of the city.

Consider your accommodation options and choose the one that best suits your needs whether it is a hostel, hotel, villa, resort or even a local house rental.


This is where doing your research before you leave comes in handy.  Being your own tour guide has its benefits – you get to see what you want, when you want and you save money doing it.  Or why not splurge and do that once in a lifetime tour you’ve always dreamed about.

Packing for your overseas trip


With all the research you’ve been doing on your dream trip packing for your destination will be a breeze.  A few things I consider when packing for a trip are:

  • Layers for on the airplane and in the airports, the flights always seem to have unpredictable temperatures
  • The average temperature at your destination
  • Good walking shoes are a must if you’re exploring by foot
  • A cute outfit for a sit-down meal is always a good idea
  • Pack outfits that are interchangeable, adding a few accessories or a scarf can change your whole look
  • Get more use out of your wardrobe by planning a laundry day on extended trips

Whatever you decide to pack for your travels make sure you’re comfortable, that’s the most important thing.


There are always more things to consider like visas and vaccinations but I’ll leave that part up to you. It is always a good idea to Book hotels>>>> (حجز فنادق) ahead of time. Traveling is a wonderful experience it doesn’t matter if you’re gone for a day or a year we all learn a little more about ourselves and realize every day is a gift.

Where will your overseas trip take you?

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