17 Reasons Why Norway Should Be On Your Bucket List


I have fallen in love with Europe especially after our recent trip that took us to Iceland. It is truly magical exploring destinations steeped in history; I fall more in love with the architecture and lifestyle during each visit.  My Europe bucket list keeps growing and at the top of that list is Norway!

17 Reasons Why Norway Should Be On Your Bucket List

No trip is complete without the family; I love how the kids have a passion for travel and each time we embark on a journey they get more adventurous with exploring and trying new things. Our travel tradition is creating a destination bucket list full of new things to try, do and see.  After picking our final destination we find inspiration from tourism sites like Norway Travel Guide to spark our creativity.

These lists not only help us plan our stay but also plan what we pack and allow up to pre-book tours or even a rental vehicle as part of the planning.  A lesson we learned the hard way is checking the camera batteries and ensuring they're properly charged the night before you start exploring.

Now that I've rambled long enough let’s take a peek at the many reasons why Norway should be on your bucket list.

Beautiful Norway Nature

The Countryside of Norway on a Summer Day

We’ll start with more of the adventurous items that include sightseeing in the countryside, exploring and a hike or two:

  • The Norwegian fjords, rumor is you’ll never see anything so picturesque
  • Bryggen, founded in 1070 this harbor town is a must see
  • Pulpit Rock Hike
  • Glacier Hike
  • For the truly adventurous – Northern Norway because viewing the aurora borealis is pretty magical


Norway Northern Lights

The Norway Northern Lights as seen over the Lofoten Islands

I love to take in all the beautiful architecture and scenery; there is nothing like getting lost in the moment while exploring a new place.  Any Disney fan can tell you that Norway was the inspiration behind the scenes in Frozen, so when visiting the country there are a few enchanting must see places for fans young and old.


Balestrand Norwegen; Blick auf St. Olaf´s Church

  • St. Olaf’s Church (pictured above)
  • Nidaros Cathedral
  • Røros perfect for viewing the snowy peaks and valleys
  • Svalbard because who doesn’t love reindeer!!
  • Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo
  • Viking Ship Museum in Oslo

Norway is one of the great Viking destinations in the world, the Viking history leaves us all in awe across Europe and into Canada.  The Vikings quickly took over land and trading routes in 8th century Europe when they rose to power and left their mark on the culture and genetics of their people.  Monuments and exhibits, like the Viking Ship Museum, attract devoted Viking fans and amateur historians every day.

Trolltunga Trolls tongue rock Norway

Trolltunga, Troll's tongue rock, Norway

Create a full itinerary to see these special places:

  • Ålesund for an unforgettable journey through underwater tunnels and you might even spot a troll or two in the area
  • Lofoten Islands to experience the authentic Scandinavian landscapes and culture in little fishing villages

Norway can easily be a destination for solo, couple and/or family travel and I hope our bucket list gave you a little inspiration for yours.  I was surprised at everything Norway has to offer from the Fjords to city life in Oslo there is a lot to see and do anywhere you go.


What’s on your Norway bucket list?

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  1. Elizabeth Matthiesen on

    I lived in Denmark for 2 1/2 years and loved it, wish I had gotten to see all the other Scandinavian countries too. They all have such beautiful scenery.

  2. It was already some place I considered very cool: looking at streetview in Oslo, enjoying “I kveld med Ylvis” on youtube, etc.! And (as seen above) the fjords, ah, the fjords!

  3. Absolutely stunning! i recently found out through DNA test i have Norwegian roots so would be a dream to visit! Awesome post!

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