Very Easy Valentine’s Craft Ideas For Kids


Ah the season of love! Of course, you don’t need Valentine’s Day to show your partner that you love them, but it’s always nice to make the gesture. Kids love Valentine’s Day and kids love crafts so it makes sense that on the days leading up to it, you sit and do some fancy crafts with them. Help them to make a Valentine card or handmade gift for their mum or dad. There are plenty of ideas out there for an enjoyable afternoon with the kids making fun, beautiful Valentine’s tokens and we’ve got some of the best ideas listed for you below.

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Colour Me Loved

You can turn old, broken crayons into heart shaped little crayons. Upcycling at its finest, as if your child has one that they’re sweet on at school, these make gorgeous little V-Day gifts. You can get your kids to fill heart-shaped silicone moulds with whatever colour they like to create a marbled crayon set that looks brand new! Wrap them in a piece of cellophane fashioned into a bag with a ribbon and voila – upcycled gifts for pence!

We Need Badges!

Layer felt and foam into heart and flower shapes and add a pin to the back to create gorgeous Valentine’s badges. Add to bags or the front of coats to celebrate a day of love and laughter.

Home Décor

Use heart-shaped, coloured paper doilies to make garlands across the room. You can clip them together with staples and string ribbons through the top for pretty patterns.

Lollipop Stop

Have the children pose for photos looking like they’re holding a lollipop up to the card recipient, then staple an actual lollipop to the card. This will give a 3D effect and be a sweet little gift long after Valentine’s is over. Memorable and unique, it’s a gift to love.


Collect matchboxes for the kids to decorate with washi tape and coloured pens. This little matchbox gifts can hold jelly beans and other little sweeties that the kids will love to get organised as favours for their friends at school.

Petal Power

Turn old egg boxes into petals with a lollipop centre for a sweet bouquet gift. Either hand them out individually or as a bunch to someone you love.

For Little Ones

All you need for this clever craft is some paint (washable, of course) and some little hands and arms! Paint your child’s hand and forearm to create a tree shape pressed into paper. The fingers are the branches and you can use finger paints to create leaves in every colour you have!

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These amazing craft ideas can help beat those winter blues and give the whole family something to do on those long rainy afternoons. Crafts can be fun and excellent as personalized gifts for family, friends and loved ones. Children’s imaginations should be expanded as much as possible and by using sensory crafts, you can not only achieve this, but a lovely Valentine’s Day!

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