Have You Got What It Takes To Run A Youth Sports Team?


Regular readers of this blog will know that, as a family, we are keen on sports and physical exercise – they are great ways to keep yourself active, fit, and healthy. Luckily, there are plenty of sports clubs in our local community, and once our kids are old enough, I dare say they will join one of them if they have enough interest.

But it got me thinking – what does it actually take to set up a youth sports team? We’ve all heard about those super keen soccer moms, for example, who are happy to take things into their own hands. And if you want to offer your kids a chance to play sport but there are no community clubs in your locale, you might need to learn from them. Here’s what it takes for parents who want to get a youth sports team off the ground.

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Dedication – and determination

I’m not sure that one person could do everything that needs doing for a sports club by themselves. It takes a team of dedicated and determined parents to make it happen, so it’s something you will need to discuss with other families. If there is a strong desire to make it happen, it will – but don’t underestimate the work involved. There will be training sessions to run, games to arrange, travel to consider – it all adds up to a significant chunk of your week. And the kids will be relying on you to turn up every time.

Funds for equipment

It’s vital that you can speak to people about the prospect of sponsoring your sports club, so networking and communication need to be at the top of your skills list. Take baseball, for example. You will need to buy in a huge range of equipment just to get started – according to http://www.thebaseballdiamond.com/top-rated-list-best-baseball-gloves/, you’ll need to purchase gloves for every position on the field. Then there’s the bats, nets, shirts and other parts of the uniform, not to mention the cost of hiring pitches and entering competitions. With this in mind, it’s easy to see how important raising funds and finding sponsorship is – and as the parents in charge, you’ll need to do some of the legwork, here. You’ll get some money through subs from the other parents, but unless you want your team to be prohibitively expensive, sponsorship is critical.

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Coaching skills

The great thing about starting a sports club is that you can put fun at the center of your activities. While some coaching experience will be beneficial, it isn’t essential, although http://www.momsteam.com/ recommend you get some safety training as a minimum. However, it’s likely to be a wise idea to get other coaches on board, too – whether they are qualified or just keen parents is up to you. In an ideal world, there will be three or four of you coaching, to ensure that someone will always be around for training sessions.


Finally, it needs a lot of enthusiasm to run a youth sports team. The idea is for you to provide the kids with a fun experience, and a great introduction to team sports. Who knows, maybe your infectious enthusiasm for a sport will lead to you uncovering the next Tom Brady or Mia Hamm?

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