To The No Tech Parents: Stop It


You probably know parents who refuse point blank to consider bringing digital interactions into the life of their children. The online world is deemed to be too dangerous, with the media frequently brandishing new traumatic headlines about teenagers and cyber bullies. Yes; there’s no denying that the Internet is not a fairytale land of pink ponies and singing unicorns, but should you really be keeping your child in the past to protect them?

After all, technology is part of everyday life, and you can expect it to play an even more significant role in society in the future. Keeping your child in the dark age may not be the best solution for their personal growth.

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Engineering is a lot of fun

First of all, modern kids are in luck. More and more toy manufacturers are making technology accessible and fun at the same time. Educational toys, as they are called, can give children an insight into complex tech problems while keeping a playful aspect. The Boolean Box is a favourite for kids aged 8 or above, as it lets them build their own Raspberry Pi computer. For a start, it’s a better option than letting your kids play video games, but more importantly, it’s a toy that provides hours of educational fun while making them ready to handle complex IT issues in the future – they may not become software engineer, but at least, they’re less likely to panic when they experience the infamous blue screen of death with a laptop.

Teaching them responsibility

Who says tech for teens says smartphone. You can’t avoid the appeal of the mobile phone, and, to be perfectly honest, you shouldn’t either. You kids need a way to stay in touch with their friends or even yourself throughout the day. With the affordable Ting Mobile plans, you can let them in charge of their phone. Ultimately, while smartphones are essential, trusting your child to manage their data consumption is a vital responsibility lesson – as otherwise, the phone will stop working until the next payment period.

The job of the future

Coding skills are becoming more and more popular. According to, programmers are in high demand. As software tools give no indication of slowing down, it’s likely that programming skills will become fundamental to future career choices. Think of it as a basic skill set, just like Word processing. Consequently, getting your kids to prepare for a brilliant career starts with making basic skills an everyday essential.

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A word of advice

Of course, while you shouldn’t stop your children from interacting with technology, it’s fair to say that tech devices are not safe for everyone. Babies and toddlers should not get any screen time until the age of 3.

Indeed, too many modern parents have been relying on tablets to keep their infants busy. In reality, it’s no safe to introduce screen activities without monitoring at any age. But, more importantly, you shouldn’t use screens as a replacement for physical activities. Tech games and skills are crucial, but not at the cost of your child’s health.

It’s time for cautious parents to make peace with technology. Children can and should be trusted around tech toys and devices as they are going to play a major role in their future interactions at work and in society. However, you need to be vigilant about excess screen time in young age.

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    yeah right! Parents today must be updated with current trends, especially for their kids. I like your ideas. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Hello, I really like your ideas. Parents today must be updated with current trends, especially for their kids. I think tech products to give a gift to father. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautiful. That’s the thing now. Caging them in the past is definitely not the solution as when they finally lay their hands on these (since you can’t keep them away forever), they could turn it the wrong way. I think letting them enjoy while they can, will be nice as long as there’s monitoring.

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