The Power Of Daily Bible Meditations


The Bible is one of the most impressive and expansive books ever written, full of wisdom, awe-inspiring stories, and so much more. It’s no wonder there have been millions of copies printed through the years, dozens of translations, and several updates on the publication. The Bible is one document we’ll always have access to; it is God’s word on earth and the story of the faith we hold so dear.

So, what are Bible meditations, anyway? Does that mean meditating with a Bible? Reading the Bible? We’re going to explore the concept of daily Bible meditations and learn why they’re so powerful as a daily practice. Whether you’re new to Bible meditations or you just want to learn more about the practice, you’re in the right place.

Let’s begin.

What Does It Mean To Meditate On The Bible?

First and foremost, let’s define what we mean when we say Bible meditations. We’re not talking about sitting up straight with your hands at your sides and taking deep breaths. This style of “meditation” is meant for an entirely different purpose. You’re clearing your mind to focus on the present and ground yourself in that moment, and that’s not what we’re doing when we meditate on the Bible.

Bible meditations are meant more for learning the deeper meaning of Bible passages and stories. It involves reading, analyzing, and truly understanding the stories/passages. It’s one thing to read a Bible story and understand the superficial meaning behind it, but it’s another thing entirely to truly understand the deep and powerful meaning that God has given it.

Have you ever read something from the Bible and thought, “That was really inspiring,”? I know I have. That’s because most of God’s word has more than one purpose and meaning, and it’s been left up to us to interpret and analyze those meanings.

Now that we’ve properly defined Bible meditations, let’s look at why it should be a daily practice.

Why Should You Do It?

So, why should you meditate on the Bible every day? What benefits are there? First and foremost, you’ll gain a better understanding of the Bible itself. Let’s be honest—the Bible isn’t exactly light reading. The language and sentence structure are much different than modern writing, and for some, this becomes something of a barrier to unraveling the meaning behind certain passages.

When you meditate on certain passages every day, you’ll be able to understand them better. When you understand them better, it not only makes them easier to apply to your daily life, but also easier to share with/teach to others. The Bible encourages us to share its message, but you can’t exactly do that effectively if you don’t understand what you’re reading!

Meditation also allows you to focus on how the stories apply to your daily life. Focus on the meaning or lessons found in the passages. Have you applied these lessons to your life? If not, how can you begin to do so? What areas of your life would benefit the most from the lessons? What changes might you need to make in order to apply these lessons?

Daily Bible meditations can also help relieve stress. When you’ve had a really stressful day (or week/month/year), you need something to take your mind off of your stress and give you something to focus on. This is perhaps the best way to improve your spirituality and relieve stress at the same time.

What Lessons Can Be Learned From Bible Meditations?

So, what lessons could you possibly learn from those Bible meditations? To be truthful, the lessons all depend on which story you’re reading. For example, if you’re reading the story of Christ’s temptation in the desert, you might learn that the Devil is very good at tempting us—but that he’s also not all-powerful, and we can resist him if we have a mind to.

The lessons you take away from your meditations might not always make sense to you, and in that case, it’s best to ask your spiritual advisor/pastor to help you work through it. That’s why we have pastors and clergymen—to help us interpret the meaning behind the Word.

When Is A Good Time To Do It?

Alright, so you understand the how and the why, but you’re probably thinking, “I don’t have time to do that.” Yes, you do. In fact, you probably have a lot more time than you think you do, but it’s easy to get distracted in our fast-paced world.

How much time did you spend browsing social media today? Watching TV? This is time you could have dedicated to your meditations. It’s ok to take a break, don’t get me wrong. But when you say “I don’t have time”, you’re just making an excuse for yourself. There’s plenty of time during the day to set aside half an hour to an hour to practice your Bible meditations. Your soul and your mind will thank you for it!

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