One Moment Meditation


I'm bringing you another old post, this time it is from March!  This week for me I know how important it is to take a time out and regroup so I don't go crazy.  I thought that sharing this post with you and reminding you how it only take One Moment of Meditation to collect ourselves and recharge!

You might also like the OMM365 course I wrote a post about that connects you with a community of like minded people as well as sends you a new email every week to help keep you on track!

I hope you are able to take this week as time to reflect upon 2012 and outline your hopes for the upcoming year.  I know I have so many things to be thankful for and a lot to look forward to as well!  So for now keep calm and carry on while you enjoy this old post and a great video from One Moment Meditation!

If you're following me on Facebook you've probably already seen this but for those of you who haven't tomorrow marks the start of my 30 days of meditation!  And my friend and life coach is my accountability partner as well as all of you!!  Things always seems to go better when you can be held accountable.

I can't wait to be sitting in the sunlight and enjoying life, the moment, and how simple life is and how grateful I am for so many things.  And best of all with this video clip on one-moment meditation you can do it anytime and anywhere!


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    • Thanks I love it, and your site, book and everything about one moment meditation is amazing! Love the challenge, what a simple way to add some clarity to a busy mind 🙂

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