How to Prepare Your Home for Winter Snow and Spring Showers

A window looking out to a winter scene.

The chill of winter is brutal to any home that's not prepared for the cold season. The problems compound in the coming of summer when the rainfall increases. Winter chills and April showers bring disastrous effects to your property if you don't protect it using several methods. Prepare your home for the different seasons with these tips.

Clean Your Fireplace and Chimney

Clean your fireplace and chimney by removing the debris that was left behind from last winter. A professional has special tools that are designed to reach down into chimneys and provide the most thorough cleaning. Without a proper cleaning, your fireplace becomes a harbor for toxic particles that could enter the house and threaten everyone's health.

Prepare the Pipes

Frozen pipes could freeze and burst when temperatures drop to the lowest levels. Turn off outdoor faucets, and fix any drips or leaks that could freeze. Insulate outdoor pipes using insulation materials and heat cables. Protect indoor pipes by seal any cracks in the walls that allow cold air to enter.

Restore Your Gutters

When snow on the roof melts, the result is water that pours into the gutters. Like most homeowners, you don't know that your gutters need repairs because you cannot see the extent of damage. You may notice an accumulation of leaves, rainwater and debris near the front door, which is caused when the gutters fail to work properly.

Replace your old gutters with a newer, more efficient design. Seamless gutters have fewer leaks and clogs than traditional gutters that need regular maintenance. The seamless design collects a minimal amount of debris, so homeowners don't have to worry about cleanups.

Repair the Roof

Some homeowners take out buckets every time it rains because they're worried about the roof leaking. After flooding, leakage is the next major problem that causes damage to your roof, ceiling, walls or floor. Prepare for rain during the Spring and summer by hiring a professional to restore your damaged roof.

Repair the Driveway

A driveway full of cracks is dangerous to have once ice forms. The ice expands to widen the cracks and cause further damage to your property. Have your driveway sealed for a smoother surface that's easier to shovel during the winter.

Every season has its benefits and challenges that every homeowner must overcome. Winter is the most brutal time that requires you to prepare for its freezing temperatures. Spring is not all fair weather due to its rainy season. Well ahead of season, prepare your home with necessary home repairs and maintenance services.

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  1. I totally agree that rain showers during the month of April can be disastrous to our property. One of my neighbors had to face damaged roofing just because he didn’t have it checked after winter. I just hope that it’s not too late to hire roofing contractors for inspection and possible repair issues.

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