The Complete Guide to Decorating Your New Home


A new home provides the perfect opportunity to put your personal stamp on a property. To help you create your dream interior, we’re providing some fantastic tips to help you decorate your new home.

Throw Away Unwanted Items Before You Move

Before you start packing your items ahead of the big move, the first thing you should do is say goodbye to any items you don’t want or need to take with you. This means finally throwing away wobbly furniture, disposing of faulty appliances and letting go of those unwanted gifts you’ve been hiding away in drawers.

By doing so, you can remove between 25-50% of your stuff, which will make it easier to transport the items to your new property. It will also allow you only to incorporate high-quality items to decorate your new home.

The Complete Guide to Decorating Your New Home

Decorate Your Bedroom First

Let’s face it, decorating can be a long and tiring process, which is why you should decorate your bedroom first. It’s the one room in the home that you can return to after a busy day of decorating to relax, unwind and enjoy a well-earned sleep. You can simply close the door to the painting and wallpapering just to enjoy a little ‘you’ time.

We also recommend paying a little extra for bed linen, too, as there is nothing better than sliding into a luxurious bed after a hard day. Use different colors and texture styles by adding sheets, blankets, and pillows to create a bed you’ll long to curl up into each night.

Don’t Buy Everything at Once

It’s important not to buy too much too soon when you move home. We recommend living in the property for two months before you make any big purchases. This will allow you to become more familiar with the property, as you might realize a large-scale bathroom remodel isn’t necessary, or that you are happy with your old dining table and chairs.

Make little changes and work your way up. For instance, research and buy lighting online before you buy a queen size bed for the master bedroom, or add new cushions to your current sofa before you invest in a brand-new couch.

avoid expensive renovations in your new home

Avoid Expensive Renovations

Transforming a home doesn’t mean gutting out the kitchen or bathroom. Rather than paying for an expensive renovation, try to breathe new life into your hardware. For instance, your kitchen might simply need new cabinets instead of a remodel.

Also, all it may take to add a little luxury to a bathroom is to replace the lighting or to add new fittings, such as taps and heated towel rails. You could even incorporate a dimmer switch so you can create a romantic atmosphere for a bubble bath for one or two.

Add One Tall Piece of Furniture

Every room within the home should have at least one tall piece of furniture, as it can add height and personality to a space. To avoid creating a dull, lifeless room, consider adding everything from a bookcase to a tall wardrobe.


Have you got any top decorating tips for moving into a new home? Share your helpful advice with our readers by writing a comment below.


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