Planning Your Bathroom Remodel


Bathroom remodels are one of the most common remodels in the home, and there are some surface reasons that this makes sense. For one, a bathroom is a room that you are pretty much guaranteed to use daily, as are your guests. This means that having one that is practical, clean, and aesthetically pleasing gives you a pretty good return on your investment. In addition, it tends to operate in its own little world compared to the rest of the house. This means that you can do a bathroom remodel by itself without feeling that you have to adjust the rest of the house to match. The thing about this is that are several different ways that things can go wrong. Like any home improvement project, remodeling your bathroom is a matter of dos and don’ts. Here are some to keep in mind.

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What To Do

Budget Wisely: The average bathroom remodel costs around $26,052, according to Remodeling Magazine's 2005 Cost vs. Value report. However, this statistic is from a while ago, and there can be wild variance on what a remodel costs versus what your goals are. A few good practices to employ when it comes to budgeting is to account for labor. This on average will be about a third of your entire remodel cost by itself, something that not everyone thinks about. This is why it’s important to tier certain improvements into the must-haves and what-would-be-nice to haves. It’s not uncommon to have to trim the fat when it comes to ambitions, and this is a good way to make that happen. Even with this in mind, you also want to have a financial cushion. The more complex the project, the more likely it is for something to go wrong or an unexpected expense to pop up. Having a cushion protects you from having your budget spiral out of control.

Think Ahead: Another thing you want to do is consult with a plumber to see if you can have a plumbing inspection done before you start making any serious modifications to your bathroom. This move may save you a lot of money and headache if you encounter a plumbing issue before you start making changes. The best way to get the ball rolling in this area is to look at the website of plumbers in your area, like this one:

Like any business, different plumbers have different specialties, which impact the services they offer, the type of homes they work on, and their prices. Do your diligence to find the right one and you’ll have the proper foundation for your remodel.

Planning Your Bathroom Remodel

What Not To Do

Follow The Wrong Trends: Why does this matter so much? Well, one of the major reasons that people go to the effort to try and remodel in the first place is to add value to their home for resale. This makes sense, but if it isn’t done properly, chances are that you may actually lower how much you can get for the home. This means that you want to go for evergreen concepts for your remodel if you plan on selling the home. Here are some potential things to avoid:

  • White-on-white colors: These are popular for helping make a space feel larger, but the catch is that you need to constantly keep this clean, especially in the flooring. Beige or greys may be a better option.
  • Oversized tubs: These are not only impractical but require a great deal of upkeep and keep you from putting other things in your bathroom. This is one piece of opulence you can leave behind.
  • Extra bathrooms: Yes, you want to remodel your bathroom, but chances are you don’t need to add another one in most cases. On average, an extra bathroom only earns an ROI of only 56.2 percent. This is pretty low when it comes to home improvement projects.


There are a lot of different working pieces when it comes to putting together the remodel of a bathroom, the same as you could say for any major home improvement. Set yourself up in  the right position for not only a bathroom that you will be happy with, but one that will add value to your home for the next resale. In time, you may be able to recoup on your investment—but you need to act wisely.

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