The Best 3 Educational Gifts For Your Children


Just because your kids are not in school, doesn’t mean that they can’t continue to learn. Okay, so family life needs to be fun but when your kids are young, they are more susceptible to learning than at any other age. Therefore, it makes sense to help them develop as they grow up in and around the family home. With this in mind, we have dug deep and found 3 awesome educational toys that will make them smile and help them to learn all at the same time. So if you are scratching your head right now but would like to see more, please take a few minutes out of your busy schedule and read the rest of this short but sweet article.

The Best 3 Educational Gifts For Your Children

Jimu Robot Kit

You may be wondering how on earth a robot can provide any level of learning for your kid and you may have a point. However, most kids still think that they are cool and this one really does make great sense. Jimu comes with 200 snap together parts and no less than 6 servo motors. These combine to create one heck of a challenge as far as construction is concerned. Once you and your kids have combined your skills to build Jimu, then the fun can really begin. The robot can be controlled from your smartphone and all kinds of maneuvers are possible. If they are really smart, your kids can check out the coded movements for their very own bespoke set of movements.

Boolean Box

The Boolean box is aimed at kids aged 8 and over and it will be a real treat for those who have a geeky side to their characters. With the Boolean box it is possible for your kids to construct their very own Raspberry Pi computer! Once constructed the PC is powerful enough to allow for hours of educational fun. Even if you have recently spent money with Ottawa windows on your lovely Replacement windows, buying this for your kids will still make a lot of sense. You will need to add a computer monitor for the Raspberry Pi to be fully functional but it can also be hooked up to your TV if that’s a better option.

Circuit Cubes

Circuit cubes are a fantastic STEM toy option that allows your kids to get really hands-on as soon as they are out of the box. Transparent blocks that also include switches, relays and some cool tools are so much more than just a set of building shapes. Your kids can follow the instructions to create their own flashlights or noisemakers and these are literally just the tip of the iceberg as far as construction and circuit cubes are concerned. Probably some of the best educational toys available here in Canada today and you can get them at a variety of price levels depending on the size of the kit you decide to buy.


We think you will agree that all 3 of these educational toys are just what the school teacher ordered.

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  1. These are some really great ideas for kids.I think that boolean box is something that many kids nowadays will love having.I have a my little brother of age 9 and I think it will be perfect for him.

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