Easy Ways to Keep the Kids Busy During Spring Break


It is hard to believe that Spring is right around the corner.  When I picked the kids up from school they were thrilled for Spring Break to officially begin!  Now that they're both in school we like to incorporate a little learning in with fun activities over the break, the kids will both be keeping journals and have lots of time for arts and crafts.

March Break Crafts

Easy Ways to Keep the Kids Busy During Spring Break

Put together a fun bin!  We pack ours full of paper, markers, coloring books/pads, scissors, glue, pencil crayons, paint and whatever else get their creative juices flowing.  You can order craft & office supplies and more online at GrandAndToy.com; with quick delivery you’ll be able to stock-up in no time from the comfort of your home!

The best part is the fun bin can easily be packed up and taken to Grandma's or to the hotel for your vacation.

I'll be the first to admit it my kids aren't perfect and sometimes they get on my nerves.  For school breaks I like to have activities planned to not only keep them busy but to hold on to my sanity too. I love to sit down with the kids and create a fun list, all you need is paper and something to write with.

March Break fun list

After you have a completed list you can easily find something for them to do when they get to the “I'm bored” stage of March break.  A great way to encourage creativity and critical thinking during the school break is with educational toys.  One of the kids favorite activities is to create their own games; we've played everything from homemade cards games to charades, once they start using their imaginations and craft supplies anything is possible.

Don't forget about the hot chocolate!  In our house after we've been outside in the crisp Spring air we come in to warm up with hot chocolate and marshmallows.

March Break is finally here, but don’t worry about finding fun things to keep the kids busy because Grand & Toy and Real Momma have got you covered! We’re stocking your craft drawers with lots of goodies from Grand & Toy.

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Grand and Toy Craft Giveaway

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  1. We always have at least one outdoor and indoor activity planned each day and we tend to just venture off from there

  2. Melissa Finn on

    We plan out a schedule of activities & try to do something fun every day! We do a lot of crafts, swimming, activities at the library.

  3. michelle matta on

    Try and have something once or twice planned that they don’t do often so they can count down and look forward to it. If you’re going to the aquarium, say, you can do crafts and movies all week that match the theme and build the excitement.

  4. Erika Letson on

    My best tip is to have lots of snacks and craft supplies on hand! I try to have something planned for every day!

  5. Valerie Mallette on

    My tip is to have activities planned everyday like visits to the museum/movies, crafts, board games, outdoor activities and baking together.

  6. Plan in advance so you know what you are doing each day & have a couple back-up activities just in case something else doesn’t work out.

  7. We always spent lots of time outdoors, walking to the playground, park and stores. I kept a small suitcase filled with craft materials.

  8. My best tip is to do something outside each day. My kid loves the outdoors even though she has two parents that would prefer to stay indoors. Go figure.

  9. Ashley Dionne on

    Gotta keep kids busy when theres no school. Let em play outside, take them to the park, head to grandmas and grandpas!

  10. Plan out different fun things to do every day, if you leave it all up to them I find its aloe more chaotic!

  11. Lisa Williams on

    We have fun participating in the annual beach clean up on one of the spring break days,another day will be Spring cleaning and getting the house ready for warmer weather,another day we will do some planting in the garden,they love watching their produce grow,another day we will have a day where we might bake or play board games,and then their most favorite day is arts and crafts,making a wonderful work of art,painting,coloring,or drawing something that goes on my fridge.

  12. Variety! Have some cool activities planned like swimming, going to the movies, & outdoor games like soccer. But March is known for spring blizzards here so it’s good to have at-home back-up plans for those crazy weather days, like drawing, boardgames, crafts & more.

  13. IF we’re inside lots of arts and crafts! It’s fun but relaxing as well. And of course running around outside is great if the weather is good.

  14. My liddos love doing crafts and it keeps them busy for hours . I also love that we get little keepsakes from them out of all the crafting

  15. coloring and crafts is a big thing in my house to keep busy…i also encourage doll time for a few hours…

    i also do not mind an hour or two of youtube videos …depending on what they are

  16. Lisa Neutel

    i try to plan fun activities everyday for my kids with one or two days of fun outings and activities , they love swimming, and bowling

  17. Laurie Bolduc-Cadieux on

    Planning fun activities and crafts for them to do is my way of keeping the kids busy over march break.

  18. I like to go for a walk with the kids when it’s nice or baking cookies or bread if it’s not. They love to help!

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