Task Thursday – Procrastination


Is it Task Thursday already?!  A perfect time to talk about procrastination and kick it in the butt!!  You caught me in my pj's again with no makeup and a little bed head but hey it's real right!  Oh and don't mind my bad habit of hand talking, I'm a little excited in this one I guess, lol! I might of done a little ranting and gone off topic but I hope you get to know me a little better through those parts.

Procrastination – putting off important tasks for later so you can do the things you enjoy!

Now that you've completed last Task Thursday and made your lists – bucket, 101, goals – it is time to start checking things off those lists and that's what this Thursday is all about.  By the way, did you link up your list yet?  And now for the video, hope you enjoy!

To sum it up, this week your task is:

1.  Pick 1 item off your list and stop procrastinating about it
2.  Create an action plan – use a mind map, vision board, and grab my journal page
3.  Be honest with yourself and keep moving forward

I'm here cheering you on and am here to help if you need it all you have to do is ask!

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