How To Use Sliding Barn Doors In Your Home


How To Use Sliding Barn Doors In Your Home

Whether you’ve only been living in your house for a few years or you’re packing on the decades, every homeowner reaches a point when they’d like to make a change in their interior décor. Some keep it small by investing in a new piece of furniture or changing up the color of their walls, and some take it to a larger scale by installing hardwood floors or even expanding through the construction of a new room or a second floor.

Browsing interior design tips and recommended design investments for homeowners online can be extremely helpful. Still feeling unsure about what change to make? A great way to meet in the middle between smaller and more significant home décor modifications is to install a sliding barn door.

Sliding barn doors are an extremely versatile and unique addition to any space. With options in a variety of styles, materials, colors, and sizes, you can easily customize your sliding barn door to perfectly fit your space. Plus, the sliding barn door can be used in any room of the house, so the possibilities are truly endless.


There are often multiple different types of doors within a single bathroom, and luckily there is a sliding barn door to fit every need. You can design your glass sliding barn doors with varying levels of opacity depending on your preferences. You’ll love the eclectic, yet casual feel your sliding barn door brings to your bathroom.

Living Room

Some homeowners choose to install a sliding barn door within their living room that is intentionally eye-catching and interesting; some choose to install a door that fits in seamlessly with the rest of their décor. Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement or a subtle addition, a sliding barn door will add an unmatched rustic warmth feeling to your living room, whatever material or style you choose.


Closet doors typically go relatively unnoticed. Why not add a pop of interest to your wall or bedroom closet? Plus, closets are often tucked away in more cluttered areas, and a sliding barn door can help to save the space that would normally be taken up by a swinging door.

Kitchens & Pantries

Similar to the way in which a sliding barn door can save space in your hallway or bedroom, a sliding barn door can do the same for your kitchen. Utilizing a sliding barn door as your pantry door can allow you to take advantage of extra wall space, giving your kitchen a more open and spacious feel and allowing you to move more freely without having to allow space for a swinging door. You can also add a feeling of vertical space to your kitchen by installing sliding barn doors at your kitchen entrance.

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