Scared of a Move to the Countryside? Here Are Some Tips to Help You Out


If you’ve been living in the city for the majority of your life, then it can be hard trying to adjust to the slower-paced lifestyle of the countryside. There is very little fast food to speak of, you’ll end up waiting a couple of days before you receive your orders from Amazon, and there is probably a lot less choice when it comes to the supermarkets.

Whether you’re looking for mountain cabins to move into for the numerous health benefits a rural lifestyle can offer, or if you’ve just moved to a new location in the countryside for work purposes, it can be hard trying to adjust to your new lifestyle. Here are a couple of tips that will help you integrate with the local community, learn to love a simpler lifestyle, and ultimately cope with your new life.

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Slow it down

This is an obvious tip but it’s something that has to be mentioned. If you’re going to be living in the country for a while then you need to slow down your lifestyle. Stop expecting things to be on-demand, stop getting annoyed that you have to wait an extra day for your last-minute Amazon delivery, and don’t get upset if you missed a train and the next one is in an hour. A great way to think about it is to remove your ideas about the city being the standard for how your life should be. Think of it more as the city offering you a fast-paced lifestyle and see it as a privilege, not a necessity.

Embrace simple pleasures

Sure there might not be the latest restaurants or high-tech gadgets to play around with in the countryside, but there is a wealth of entertainment to had assuming you know where to look. For instance, biking is one of the most pleasant activities to do in the countryside thanks to the fresh breeze, incredible landscapes and scenery, and a lack of angry drivers to compete with on the road. If you want to have fun in the countryside, then forget about whatever you did in the city and learn to love the great outdoors.

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Make friends

There are so many people living in the city that it can be difficult trying to make friends with them all, so we pick and choose the people we go out with and we tend to stick with those who we see on a regular basis. A great example of this is our co-workers. We go out with them after work for drinks, we might meet with them on the weekend and we occasionally plan holidays or breaks with them. However, in the countryside, there are a lot fewer people walking around and you’re more likely to have someone wave and greet you than you would in the city.

It’s important that you try your best to make friends and integrate yourself into the local community if you want to make the switch and cope with the countryside life. Make friends with anyone and everyone you meet, build relationships with people regardless of if they’re your neighbour or someone that owns a local store, and embrace the tightly-knit community of the countryside.


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