Home Improvements you can Finish in a Weekend


Home Improvements you can Finish in a Weekend

Almost everyone who owns a home has plans to one day sell it, whether it's two or twenty years down the road. Making improvements along the way is a great means of increasing its value so you get top dollar when you put it on the market. One tip to remember is that interest on home improvement loans is tax deductible, but here we're going to talk about improvements you can do yourself in a single weekend.

Home Security

All homeowners are interested in protecting themselves, their family members, and their belongings that they've worked hard for. Adding a security system to your home is a perfect way to do just that. Wireless security systems that include cameras, motion sensors, fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors, and door and window sensors can all be installed by homeowners themselves over one or two days (depending on the number of devices you install). Ask your installer questions like, Does ADT offer carbon monoxide detectors?, and is there a discount offered for family systems. Many systems can be accessed over the internet and on any mobile device via your web browser or a custom app specific to the system you choose. Having a Wi-Fi modem in your house is needed for a wireless system but besides that there's nothing needed but a couple of tools and few hours of your time.

New Kitchen Cabinets without the New Part

Kitchen attributes are often the number one item on a home-buyers list of things they want, and having good looking cabinets can make or break a deal. There are a few ways you can upgrade your cabinets yourself in a single weekend. First, you can replace the hardware No matter what else you do, replacing the hardware will update the look of your cabinets. Second, you can paint or repaint them and as long as there's no damage, they can look almost new as soon as the paint dries. Third, you can strip and totally refinish them, giving them an entirely new look (including that new hardware you were going to do anyway). No matter which way you go, your kitchen will regain some of the pizazz that it had in the past.

Entryway Excellence

Another easy way to add some curb appeal and aesthetics is to simply update and reframe your doorways. Take a look at your siding. Is it peeling, looking damaged on the corners, or just dull. Simply get white paint and go over your door frames. This will help your entrances pop, and is an easy task you can get done in one afternoon.

There are dozens of things you can do to improve the look, functionality, and value of your home by yourself all in a weekend so don't be afraid to roll up your sleeves, strap on that tool belt, and let your hard work and creativity pay you some dividends.

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