Raising Teen Zombies? 4 Outdoor Activities That Will Make Them Forget Their Phones


If it seems as though your teens always have a death grip on their phones, then it can take some creativity to persuade them to turn loose of it. Rest assured that it is possible, if you provide them with the right opportunities. Consider doing one or more of these four outdoor activities with your teen. Doing so will help them disconnect from technology and experience the benefits of fresh air.


There is something thrilling for people of all ages about riding down a river in a raft. As they rush with you down whitewater rapids, your teens will be encouraged to build up their skill levels, which will increase their confidence. They will gain experience working as a team, and taste the glory of accomplishing a shared goal. The thrills and beauty of the river will enliven their senses, reminding them just how wonderful it feels to spend time in nature.


Teens often are amazed when they stargaze in a location with little to no light pollution. Astronomers with Yale University say that, under perfect viewing conditions, the human eye can see up to 4,548 stars depending on the season and time. Increase the fun of this activity by planning an all-night stargazing party with plenty of food. If temperatures are a little cool, then consider building a bonfire. Teens often are awestruck by how small they feel when they view the night sky filled with stars. It gives them a fresh perspective on life, highlighting the fact there are bigger things than how many followers they have on Instagram.


Hunting can be another great way for teens to put down their phones and interact with nature. While almost every region has great hunting for at least one animal, going to a blackbuck antelope hunting ranch can be particularly exciting, since the game is exotic. You may want to consider a day hunt or an overnight hunt. Imagine the thrill your teen will feel when they kill their first antelope. It will also help them appreciate the implications of consuming meat, and they may become more mindful (and less wasteful) about their eating habits as a result.

Bungee Jumping

Even teens who act macho sometimes have trouble bungee jumping. The thought of flying through the air connected only to it by a flexible band is a true rush. Only the bravest teens will even open their eyes to enjoy the scenery as it whizzes by as they fly through the air. This is a great activity to take a group of teens to as they challenge each other to try bungee jumping.

Use these ideas and your own ingenuity to help limit the screen time for your teens. You will discover that they feel more connected to you and the world around them when they spend less time engaging with apps on their phone. They are also likely to be healthier as they are more physically active. Get started by planning an adventure your teen will enjoy very soon.

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