The Great Outdoors: 5 Fun Activities for Fathers and Sons


Quality time spent with a father figure is an important element in every young man's upbringing, and finding things to do together will be something that father and son will cherish forever. Time spent bonding with Dad teaches us valuable life skills like honesty, integrity, and a sense of strong values. Here are some simple things you can do together as father and son to strengthen your relationship and create lasting memories for the two of you.

Go Fishing

Spending the day on the water can be a perfect time for you and your son to get some great conversational time in as well as to practice real life survival skills. Plan ahead by equipping your family water craft with items from companies like Pontoon Stuff. Whether you are on the shore throwing out lines or on the family boat, let the conversation flow like the water around you, and great things will happen.

Go Camping

Teaching your children to be self-sufficient and providing them basic knowledge of starting a fire, building a tent, and using a compass is important in today's uncertain world. Take time to enjoy nature and drink in your surroundings while getting back to the simpler things in life. Your self-reliant son will thank you later in life.

Play Games Together

Playing games like catch, tag, and other activities with your son will foster a healthy view of competition while engaging the two of you in mind and body exercise. Teaching the delicate balance of physical coordination and relationship building is something that will flow naturally as you play together.

Build a Car

To be clear, we are not talking about a real car—unless you have the knowledge to do so. Building a model car together or even a pinewood derby car for a competition can be a great opportunity to bond with your son. Teaching the skills of cutting and sanding wood, a basic understanding of aerodynamics, and how friction works are all a part of the process of learning about how the world works.

Attend Sporting Events Together

Turn off the television and get out to enjoy a good game. Whether you choose to watch football, baseball, or a rousing game of tennis, take in the event with your child. It is a wonderful way to model encourage healthy competition and working as part of a team.


Regardless of the activity that you choose to do with your son, cherish the moments you have together, and use them as learning opportunities and a chance to establish a healthy, strong relationship with him. Raising a strong, capable son is a joy in and of itself; you will be glad you invested this time in your relationship.

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  1. As a family, we love to go outside and have fun together. Playing different activities together such as fishing, table games, camping. Such as you mentioned in this post. Thanks for sharing this important information with us.

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