Quick and Easy Carrot Treat Bags


With Easter around the corner I thought now is the perfect time to get some treat bags together!  You'll love these cute carrot bags they're so quick and easy to make the kids can even help.  All you need is a couple supplies and some of your favorite baked snack crackers, we love the Annie's Cheddar Bunnies for this one.

Quick and Easy Carrot Treat Bags

Let's get started!  All you need is:


After you've gathered all the supplies you can start assembling the carrot treat bags.

1. Print, cut and trim tags.

Printable Carrot Treat Bags Tags

2.  Fill each bag with snacks

Carrot Treat Bags Supplies

3.  Tie with ribbon and attach tag.

It really is that simple!  Once you have the supplies together you can make 4 of these carrot treat bags in no time.  Have fun with it.  The best part is the surprise on the kids faces when they see the carrot treat bags!  Grab the printable recipe so you can keep it on hand for years to come.

Quick and Easy Carrot Treat Bags
Author: Real Momma
  • Printable Bag Tags
  • 4 12″ Disposable Icing Bags
  • 7.5 oz box Annie's Bunnies (or Goldfish)
  • Green Ribbon
  1. Print, cut and trim tags.
  2. Fill each bag with snacks.
  3. Tie with ribbon and attach tags.


Do you make any special treats at Easter?

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