Making the Most of Mexico For Spring Break


It feels like yesterday we started planning our trip to Mexico for Spring Break.  Last year we decided that every March Break we'd do something fun and exciting as a family because spending quality time together is our first priority.  As a family we decided we'd like to head back to Mexico and relax in the sun, body surf, try new food and take in the sites of Puerto Vallarta before heading to our final destination.  Our 3 am wake up call to catch our flight…

3 am wake up call

Trying to find activities that the whole family will love is a little tricky.  We made a fun list of all the things we wanted to experience during our trip to make planning a little easier.  There were a few things out of the 30 that appeared to be a little tricky:

  • swim with dolphins
  • go on a pirate ship
  • meet a pirate
  • explore a new place
  • try new food
  • go on a hike


With a few searches and getting information from Visit Puerto Vallarta we were off to a great start.  There are many amazing things to see and do in Puerto Vallarta all you have to do is make a plan for it to happen.  We grabbed a Roam Mobility SIM card before leaving home so we could stay connected with our family while on vacation.

Los Arcos Hotel

We had the perfect itinerary for two night in Puerto Vallarta that included:


What we didn't plan for was a couple days of rain while in Puerto Vallarta, who knew that it would decide to downpour like it was rainy season.  We made the best of the situation and decided that rain and a vacation were better than being home in the snow.  Life is more fun with a few challenges anyways, right!  Stay tuned for our adventures in Puerto Vallarta!


Did your family go on vacation for Spring Break?



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