Preparing Your Home for Roof Repair


When it comes to your home one thing you might not think of is the state of your roof and if it needs attention.  We're going to chat about Roof repair in Canton, Michigan. We'll cover a few topics around roof repair and installation including preparing your home inside and out as well as safety issues to consider and of course what you can do to assist on the day of.

Roof Repair Canton Michigan

Right now you might be feeling a little overwhelmed when it comes to roof repairs or installation but don't be.  The experts at Tittle Brother Construction serving the Canton, Michigan area are here to help and set you up for success.  Since a typical roof can go five to ten years without repair it is likely you have never gone through the process.


While your roofer will be happy to assist you in getting your home set up for the project there are a few things you can do to speed up the process before they are.


Clearing Space Outdoors

Since the project will take place outdoors this is probably the most obvious step to cover.  Roofing is a somewhat messy business that often involves prying up and re-laying sections of shingles.  While the roofers do their best to keep their mess contained to one pile sometimes accidents do happen.  A few things you might want to take under consideration are:

  • Mow the lawn, this is the easiest preparation you can do for yourself and the roofers. It is easier to find lots pieces of shingle or dropped roofing nails in short grass than in a mini-jungle, this way the roofers can do their best to clean up but you can also spot any debris before you mow the lawn next.
  • Clear the driveaway, from vehicles to bicycles having an empty driveway will be a huge help to the roofing company.  The driveaway is the easiest space to clean up so roofers tend to make their debris pile there, you wouldn't want your vehicle damaged in the process to keep it in the garage or park it safely on the street.
  • Clear outdoor space, this includes patio furniture and toys.  Supplies, ladders, equipment, and debris will need a place that is easy to access so having a cleared safe place all the way around the house is a huge help to getting the job done quickly.
  • Cover or mark garden plants, if you're an avid gardener you'll want to take note of this. Use your frost blankets or a tarp to cover flower beds and bushes.  Anything that is particularly delicate, mark it with bright-orange tape or ribbon. This will let your roofers know at a glance where to absolutely avoid letting debris fall.
  • Mark your underground sprinklers, the roofers will be roaming about the yard and moving supplies, the last thing they want to do is damage your property or create another problem.  Simply mark any underground sprinkler heads so they can avoid them while moving about.
  • Test outdoor outlets, the roofers may need to plug equipment in during the process and ensuring the outdoor electric outlets work before they arrive will be a huge help.


Preparing the Inside of Your House

While this might not be necessary for a roof repair it is a good idea to speak with the roofing company ahead of time to find out if they'll need access to the inside of your home for the repairs or installation.  Here are a few things you can do if they need indoor access:

  • Remove valuables from the attic, a complete roofing inspection will always involve taking a look at the beams and roofing structure from the underside, and many repairs require working at the problem from both sides. Roofing also tends to shake a lot of dust loose inside the attic even if a roofer never sets foot inside.  If it isn't possible to remove everything you can easily move it to one portion of the attic and cover it to protect it from debris.
  • Take down wall decor and secure breakables, if there’s going to be extensive work on your roof, we strongly advise that you take down all wall decorations and secure your breakables.
  • Put down tarps, this is a great way to make the job easier for the roofers.  By putting down tarps or a sheet will not only allow the roofers to not worry about creating a large mess but it will make clean up that much easier.


Make Plans for People

It is important to take a few precautionary steps for the animals and others living in the house, especially the kids.  You can simply explain the situation to others living in the house and what they can expect during the project from falling debris to items being moved for easier access to the roof.  It is also a good idea to let your neighbors know what will be happening so they don't become concerned or annoyed by your roofing project.

Young children who might have a hard time remembering they need to keep safety in mind if they do go outdoors might have more fun at a friend or family members home on the day of the project. Especially if they still take a nap, the unknown noises of the roofers might not be the best for quiet time.  Keep your pets indoors or take them out with the kids or to the park for the day.  The noise and constant unknown traffic might be surprising to them as well.


Preparing for the Roofers

FInally, the big day is here and all that is left to do is the final preparations for the roofers.  A few things you can do to prepare your Canton MI home for a roofing repair or installation are:

  1. Unlock gates, it is convenient if they can walk all the way around the house carrying supplies and finding optimal ladder spots without having to fiddle with the gates.  They'll be going from the front yard to the back during the project so ease of access is greatly appreciated.
  2. Make a pitcher of lemonade, if you feel compelled to offer your roofers something, the best thing you can offer is a big pitcher of lemonade or a cooler of colas and water.  Roofing is hard work and it is important to stay hydrated.


If you have any questions reach out to the roofers in Canton, Michigan they want your home roofing project to go as simple as possible.  You might not have time to do all of the things we talked about today but even a small amount of preparation can significantly speed up your roofing service and make life easier for your roofers as they repair or reinstall your Canton MI roof.

Contact the Roofing Experts in Canton Michigan for your roof repair needs.


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