The Polaroid Snap Touch


I remember my Grandparents having a Polaroid camera and how neat we thought it was to watch the photo develop before our eyes.  And now Polaroid brings back a classic with the Polaroid Snap Touch.

Polaroid, it's the ultimate in brand name recognition, brings back memories of the classic Polaroid 600 from years gone by. Taking a quick pic through your smartphone is one way to commemorate new memories, but there's something about taking a picture and then instantly holding it in your hand that brings real joy to people of all ages.

The new Polaroid Snap Touch is recreating classic instant photography.

polaroid snap photo

Now you can snap, print and share your pictures instantly with all the nostalgia of the classic Polaroid print technology, but with the quality of new modern digital photography. It's compact, fits in your pocket and is budget-friendly!  You can get the camera in:

  • blue
  • red
  • white
  • black

Polaroid Snap Touch's 10 Megapixels, 32 GB Micro SD memory saves every photo as digital and also allows you to print it in 35 seconds using Zink Zero Ink technology providing beautiful, clear 2×3′ full-color prints.

What else does the Polaroid Snap Touch offer? You can take 1080 HD video, use the built-in selfie mirror and benefit from the pop-up flash for low-light memory-making!

Polaroid has harmonized the desire to have a fun point and camera, instant prints and video memories all in one.  It would be perfect for kids, teens, wedding table memories and family vacations.  I’m thinking it would be a great to instantly create a memory album for a bridal or baby shower and send home the camera with the honored guest to use for years to come!

With app-driven creative & new Bluetooth connectivity, snap one up for $179.99 at Ritz Camera (receive free shipping too) and share your pictures instantly!

Bring back an old favorite into your home with the Polaroid Snap Touch.

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