5 Reasons to Get Married Abroad and The Most Beautiful Places To Do It


Weddings can be stressful from creating the guest list to choosing the caterer there are many decision to be made including setting a budget.  I started thinking of how you can get away from the family obligation of inviting your third cousin you've never met, the headache of logistics and the cost of a huge meal and hall rental.  Why not get married abroad at a beautiful destination.

Riviera Maya Resorts wedding

Here are my 5 reasons to get married abroad and one of the most beautiful places to do it:

Picture Perfect Destination

Discover paradise within an ancient world giving you exotic backdrops filled with new and old luxury for all your wedding photos.  The Riviera Maya Resorts were once the homeland to the Mayan civilization and have been transformed into a tropical oasis with pristine beaches and Mayan ruins.  This means your outdoor wedding will have the perfect backdrop with sunshine and smiles, because who isn't relaxed and happy while on vacation.


Specially Selected Invite List

I have to say that narrowing down my guest list was hard to do when we planned our wedding because I felt many obligations from both sides of the family.  With a destination wedding, you can invite your closest family and friends who you truly want to share your small intimate wedding with.



This has to be my favorite part of a wedding abroad because the only thing you need to do is show up with your wedding party and dress everything else is taken care of!  The wedding planners take care of every little detail for you so you can enjoy your wedding without the headaches.

Grand Bahia Principe Tulum

Wedding and Honeymoon all in one

There is no need to book what seems like a million different arrangements, all you have to do is stay in your location and soak up the sunshine. Enjoy a day straight out of a fairytale with turquoise waters, white sand beaches, and the perfect climate. Not only can you get married in the lap of luxury and beauty, but you can also honeymoon there too. In addition to being convenient, having a destination wedding can also save you money.

Unforgettable Memories

Have I mentioned the beauty of the destination? With over 80 miles of stunning coastline surrounded by lush tropical vegetation, paradise is very easy to find. Located along the coast of the Caribbean Sea the turquoise waters that line the Riviera Maya are simply pristine.  With epic backdrops dating back to AD 1200 you can explore the Chichen Itzá, Ek-Balam, and other temples, pyramids and uncover the history that lives within each of their great walls. Explore the long lost civilization of the Mayans by walking through archeological sites and ancient ruins.

When you take the stress and headache away from the planning, inviting and even clean up all that is left to do is take in the unforgettable scenery and relax.


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