Why Parents Should Encourage Their Kids to Pursue a Health Care Career



Every parent's dream is for their children to become capable and caring adults who lead vibrant and healthy lives well into old age. While it is not possible to add years to your child's life, it is well within your reach to encourage your child to pursue a health care career and, therefore, arm themselves with the tools needed to make living a good life possible.

Health Care Careers Fatten the Wallet

Although most people would be reluctant to admit it, finances are often the deciding factor in choosing a career. Even if your child doesn't become an orthopedic surgeon raking in close to a half a million dollars per year, they can earn an average of $56,300 as a dietician or up at $87,626 as a health care policy analyst. Either of these salaries would place your child comfortably within the middle class.

Health Care Careers Help Your Child Get and Stay Healthier

Of course, what good is money if you can't enjoy it? Training for a health care career will help your child learn to make healthier lifestyle choices for themselves. So will fellow students and co-workers. It is a bit more difficult to eat that second piece of cake or skip that morning run when you are surrounded by so many knowledgeable witnesses. In fact, health care workers are some of the most observant and intelligent people you will ever meet. Such rigorous study yields many benefits for brain health. Earning a master's in health policy, for example, would markedly sharpen your child's reasoning and critical thinking skills as they strive to understand the nuts and bolts of a complex and constantly changing system.

Health Care Careers Improve Health Care for Your Whole Family

Such increased health care policy knowledge can also help your entire family gain access to the best health care they can possibly receive. There is nothing like an insider's perspective on any industry and health care is no exception. Once your child is a part of the health care community, they can help choose the best surgeons, therapists and other specialists for every family health crisis imaginable. Moreover, as a health care worker they are trained to administer first aid, CPR and other critical care during medical emergencies.

More wealth, improved health and a better quality of life can be in your family's future when you encourage your child to pursue a health care career.



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