5 Ways Your Pet Can Improve Your Health


If you're already a pet owner you know the many benefits that they bring to your family life, whether it is mental, physical, social or even emotional.  They offer unconditional love and companionship to many but what I want to focus on is the many health benefits!

5 Ways Your Pet Can Improve Your Health

1. Improve Mental Health

Did you know many years ago pets were brought into psychiatric wards to calm patients and encourage them to cooperate?  There have been many studies did that prove pets can improve our moods drastically and help with mental health status.

Unconditional love offered  by a pet can cause positive chemicals to release in the brain, averting negative stressor chemicals, causing an automatic shift in your mood.  Next time your dog brings you a ball to play fetch with make sure you give some love back.

2. Improve Emotional Status

Pet owners are shown to be happier in studies than individuals who do not own pets.  Studies show that dogs are innately responsive to the emotions of its owners and are readily available to respond to them.

Have you ever had a dog come up to you when you're crying and try to lick away the tears?

3. Assist with Physical Health

Pets need exercise!  As a result, pet owners are healthier than non-pet owners and have a reduced risk of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

Time to get up and get active!

4. Help with Socialization and Fitness

Sometimes we experience depression, anxiety and panic disorders.  Having a pet to socialize with is an excellent way to get out and about for many individuals.  Whether you like walking, jogging, running or hiking they are all excellent ways to get and stay healthy.

5. Spiritual Benefits

There is no better way to become more connected with yourself and be spiritual then reaching out to help another.  Reaching out to your pet and playing, bathing, walking, caring and just cuddling with them in an excellent way to become more spiritual and in tune with yourself and others.

Even though, pets offer all these health benefits; we have to remember to take care of their nutrition so they can keep up with us.


Whatever your reason is for having a pet remember the unconditional love they offer and be willing to take care of them and give some love back!

What's your favorite way a pet can improve your health?

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