Could Moving to the Country Be the Best Life Decision You’ll Make?


It’s probably been on your mind at some point; the possibility of moving away from the hustle and bustle of the city, trading your busy lifestyle for something a little more comfortable and relaxing in the country. It’s not for everyone, but unless you’ve tried it for yourself, you can’t knock it instantly. Living in the countryside comes with some obvious benefits that anyone could appreciate. The increased sense of living in a community that extends further than your street, the improved quality of air that isn’t drowned in smog and smoke and the connection with nature are just some of the many benefits that moving to the country can offer you.

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Sadly, there are also some downsides that are dealbreakers for most families. Education is one problem will always be on the minds of parents that are considering a move to the country. In addition, the convenience of living in a city is often something that isn’t easy to give up. Be it access to public transportation or living in close proximity to stores, it’s hard to give up the benefits of living in a city.

To explore the subject a little further, here are a couple of points to keep in mind and consider before you decide to forever can the idea.

Living in the countryside can be cheaper… most of the time

When you look at cottages for sale, you’ll notice that they can often be a lot cheaper than even an apartment in a major city. This is because the land itself isn’t worth as much and it’s normal to find cheaper places to live the further you are from the city. This means you can afford a larger house with budget and you’ll be able to afford more features and rooms. This is great at first, but you also need to realise that you’ll often pay more for things like travel and upkeep.

It’s not unusual for country property owners to have to call specialised services to clean things like septic tanks or prepare backup generators for when the power goes out. You’ll also need to drive around a lot more if you want to go into the city, meaning you’ll end up paying a lot more for petrol instead of using the public transportation system. How much money you actually save will vary depending on your circumstances, but don’t use money as the end-all excuse to move to the country.

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Living a healthier life

One of the best advantages of living in the country is how it affects your personal health. There are some obvious advantages such as better air quality, but the way of life in the country also promotes a healthier lifestyle. For instance, since you’re far away from local takeaways and fast food restaurants, you’re more likely to eat healthy local foods and, if you’re lucky, you could even get your produce straight from nearby farms. In addition, you’ll rely on walking or biking instead of using a car or public transport to get to local destinations.

There’s also a reduced amount of stress while living in the country because there’s no noise pollution and the lifestyle is a lot slower paced. You won’t be rushing to get on and off a train, you won’t be pushing past people on a busy street and you’ll be able to relax your mind due to the peaceful nature of living in the country. This ultimately prepares you and your children to live stress-free lives in the future, making the move worth every penny.

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The final verdict

The battle between country living and city life can stretch on for thousands of words across dozens of articles, so it’s important to look at your own interests and needs before you make a decision to move to the country or stay in the city.

Tackle your worries one by one and decide if moving is a dealbreaker or not. If your worries are about your health, then remember that there are millions of people that live long lives in the city. If it’s because of schooling, then keep in mind that using the internet to study can be a huge boon to your children and the local communities and schooling aren’t necessarily bad or outdated. There’s also always the possibility of sending your children to a school in the city if you’re concerned about their education.

As a result, the final verdict is this; country living and city life both have their ups and down. The best choice is ultimately down to your requirements, but don’t believe people that say one or the other is better because their circumstances could be entirely different from yours. Do your search, understand the positives and negatives, then you’ll be well-equipped to make a decision.

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