Three Serious Hair Crimes (That You Might Be Guilty Of)


Three Serious Hair Crimes (That You Might Be Guilty Of)

Three Serious Hair Crimes (That You Might Be Guilty Of)

Does having gorgeous, shiny hair seem like an impossible dream to you? Because we have so much on our plate these days and lead such busy lives, it can be quite difficult to stay on top of our daily hair care routine. In addition, external factors like pollution, dust, weather, and hectic lifestyles can wreak havoc on our hair and leave it dull and lifeless. While you might not be able to give your lifestyle a complete overhaul in an instant, you can, at the very least, start to practice some good habits when it comes to hair care. And the only way you can do that is by learning what things you may be doing wrong. Here are some serious hair mistakes that a lot of women are guilty of doing:

Styling your hair while it's still wet

When your hair is wet, it becomes less elastic; this makes breakage a likelier possibility than usual, especially if you're one who likes to brush, style, or braid damp locks. Make sure your hair is thoroughly dry first before you style it. If you don't have enough time in the mornings to have it blow-dried, you can alternatively let it air-dry while you apply your makeup and choose your OOTD (outfit of the day). Additionally, never go out of your house with wet strands; don't allow the wind, pollution, and dust to wreak havoc on your hair before it gets a chance to dry.

Washing too frequently

When it comes to your hair, there is such a thing as washing too often, too much. Such a practice can strip your scalp's natural oils, leaving your locks dry and undernourished. Experts recommend that you wash your hair every other day, and not every day. Also, look for a mild shampoo that does not have harsh chemical ingredients such as sulfates, which can irritate your scalp and cause dry hair.

Too many chemical treatments

Your hair can only take so much. If you're the type of person who likes switching from one style to another, you should note that chemical treatments—relaxing, perming, straightening, colouring, and bleaching—can take a serious toll on your hair. And the end result of all these? Hair damage. Prevention is always better than cure, but just in case you already have damaged locks, one thing you can do is to find a restorative serum that can bring back the health of your hair. Finally, you might have to stay away from styling your hair for a short period while you give your hair time to recover. But if style is something you can't live without, there are always healthier alternatives to all those treatments you're fond of. For instance, why not try hair extensions by Human Hair Extension Online? They are quick, easy, and harmless solutions for when you want an instant change in style.

Changing bad habits all starts with awareness. Educate yourself about the dos and don'ts of hair care so you can finally get those healthy, shiny locks you've always dreamed of.

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    Totally agree with all your points!
    Seems like we are all guilty (at least sometimes) for all of the points you mentioned.

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