Excellent Ideas for Family Fun in Paris, France


Vacationing with the kids isn't always easy. You want to experience new destinations from an adult point of view, but you need to keep the kids entertained too. Paris is regarded by many to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world and a must for anyone's travel bucket list. But not all kids can be convinced to enjoy fine dining in Parisian restaurants or to appreciate seeing the Mona Lisa at the Louvre. If you're taking your children on your trip to France, you'll need to make sure they stay happy too. Prepare for a family trip to Paris by planning to visit these tops sights for children and their parents.


Of course, right up at the top of the list of family-friendly activities is a trip to Disneyland Paris. The theme park isn't exactly in the city, but it's just a short train ride to reach it. You can spend a day there or stay for a longer vacation. When you choose your accommodation, think about how much time you want to spend at Disneyland. You could look at apartments in Paris that make the park easily accessible, or you can stay a little closer. The kids can meet all the characters, and perhaps get a kick out of them speaking French, and you can cover everything in a day if you want. Visit during Halloween or Christmas for an extra special time at the park.

Disneyland in Paris France

photo credit to David Jafra

Take a Boat Ride

Most kids love boats, and there are two options for anyone who wants to take one in Paris. You can go along the Seine, or you can chug through the canal. The old-fashioned canal boats are fun for everyone and are sure to fascinate kids with the way water rushes in and out of the locks. Each boat has information in several languages and a covered part for rainy days.

Musée de la Magie

It's not always easy to entertain kids with museums, but any Harry Potter fan will jump at the chance to visit a museum of magic. During your visit, you'll get the opportunity to see a magic demonstration, which is sure to inspire any budding magicians. You'll also find funfair mirrors, 100 mechanical toys, a magic store and a magic school. This quirky museum is housed in vaulted cellars, so even its location is a little magical.

Ride a Carousel

If your kids are fans of merry-go-rounds, they won't be disappointed by Paris. If you wanted to, you could take a carousel tour and ride them all for comparison. For a good time for both kids and adults, look for them during the holiday seasons, between December 20 and January 4, when you won't have to pay for the rides. Most parks in Paris have a carousel, but to start looking for them, try the Jardin des Plantes or the Jardin de Luxembourg.

There's much more to do in Paris with the kids. You might not think of it as a child-friendly city, but there are plenty of parks, and even shopping opportunities. The whole family is sure to have fun in France's capital city.

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