Why Living in the Southern States Might Be Just Right For You


If you’re looking to move states, then moving to the south could be a good decision for you. It might be that you hail from the mid-west and just want to have a change. At least a break from the colder weather anyway! You might be retired and looking to spend time in a different environment, or want to move to be closer to family. Whatever your reason for wanting to move, there are lots of options for you in the south. Here are some of the top states to love in on Southern US soil.

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North Carolina

If you’ve read a few Nicholas Sparks novels, then you will have heard of this place! All of the films are made there too, and it is easy to see why. The place is so beautiful! There are varied places from more bustling cities like Charlotte and Raleigh to the beachy areas, full of golden sands and pretty lighthouses. So if you want to live somewhere near the beach, then you’ll never be too far away in North Carolina.


Tennessee, most famous for its music scene, is a great place to live in the south. The land-locked state is relatively small, so makes seeing all that there is to do quite easy. There are mountains to climb and vibrant cities like Nashville to explore. The people are friendly, and the food is famous. We’ve all heard of the Memphis-style BBQ, right? If you’re thinking of making a move over here, then seeking advice from somewhere like Nashville homes could be a good idea. The locals are always the best people to ask.

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I think that this is what most people think of when they think of southern states. It is geographically the most southern, so it makes sense. It is a fun place for all of the family. So would work well for young families to move, as well as people looking to retire somewhere in the sun. Orlando is most famous in Florida with all of the theme parks and attractions. But if you’d prefer somewhere that is a little quieter, and closer to the beach, then the Clearwater or St. Pete area is a good spot to choose.


Georgia is often known as the Southern state that created hospitality. So it is no surprise that the locals will be welcoming and friendly. If you love things like stews and sweet tea, then you’ll want to move to Georgia right away, as sweet tea is a staple there! There are lots of sports teams, as well as cities full of nightlife like Atlanta. Georgia is a hub for transport, so if you like to travel, or travel quite a lot for work, it could be a good reason to move there as travel will be made much simpler when you can get to nearly every destination.

Have you ever lived in these states before? Would love to hear where else in the south you think is fun to move to.

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