Let’s Get the Fire Back!


I am honestly surprised at all the feedback I've received from sharing my little tips on how to stay on top of my ordinary busy life in Routines Are A Lot of Work.  It surprises me how a few tips can help a person out so much, that's what inspired this post!

I get caught up with life sometimes whether it be kids, work, family stuff or just the ordinary busy days and forget to think about myself.  I find that when my passion for wanting is gone I just stumble through the day and it seems like I am so far behind on everything, when really it is just because I've lost my focus.  By focus I don't mean the selfish I want this and I need that, I mean what your true passion is and what keeps you on your toes and striving for more!

To do this you need to get out a pen and paper, a computer, iPad, whatever you like to make lists on.  Now answer these 5 questions:

  1. What are your core values? This is what your inner values are and what you base your life on not rules or guidelines – for me it is honesty, integrity, structure, empowerment, discipline, knowledge, and balance – you don't need an explanation just jot down what makes you feel like you!
  2. Where do you see yourself 1 year from now in a perfect world? Believing in yourself and that anything is possible what would you like your life to look like in one year from now?!
  3. If you had to make a bucket list what would be on it? For me I like the idea of 101 Things in 1001 Days but get creative and have fun with it, just keep writing until you run out of ideas it should be fun not feel like work!
  4. What is your breakthrough goal? Get crazy, wild, and have some fun with this!
  5. What can you do today to start getting your passion back? For me one the biggest changes I made is my night routine where I go over my day either by journaling or just reflecting then plan out my next day so I can go to bed with an empty mind and wake up ready to be productive!

Let's get that passion back and light a fire inside of you!  I believe in you!

Watch for my next post it is going to be all about making simple changes towards creating a routine that works for you! But first we need to get that fire lit so you have the desire to make some simple and positive changes. 🙂

 Good luck and I’m here if you want to share or get some ideas.  Love yourself today! xo

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  1. Kristi Kremic on

    I like these questions! After 3 years of nursing school I had to ask myself a few of these, a few times to get through this year. I think I have been especially procrastinating the “where will you be in a year, in a perfect world?” question as it is intimidating at this point! Fire is important, you’re inspirational & I can’t wait for the next post!

    • So happy you liked it Kristi! It seems really intimidating now but maybe if you think of it in smaller steps like by the end of summer, then by the new year, then by your next birthday. Sometimes if we can break it down into manageable terms it doesn’t seem like such a stretch. Just have fun with it and enjoy the here an now 🙂

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