Week #11?!


Time is flying by so fast lately and so many good things are happening that I haven't even had time to set new goals for myself.  I guess when life is working perfectly and full of fun and exciting things we forget to challenge ourselves and stick with some of our old routines.  I'm not going to lie I've had some ups and downs since my last weekly goals were set so I know that I have had challenges and it is nice to appreciate all the good things that have happened too!

Looking back at Weeks #9 and #10:

  • My routines seem to be settling in, i have a rough outline of what I want my routine to look like and when the important things have to get done but I've been learning to go with the flow and let what happens, happen – trust me this is easier said then done but when you are so focused on structure and can't see out of it that's when you forget to enjoy life
  • My short term goals kind of got put aside I didn't actually set any but I am working towards a lot of my long term goals – like being retired at age 30!!
  • My May is planned out and almost over now, time sure flies, I colour code my fridge calendar so it is easy to tell who is doing what when plus I ALWAYS make sure everything is in our shared google calendar!
  • And I can happily say I am staying on track for our health month, I may have cheated a little over the weekend with it being Cheyenne's birthday and Mother's Day but everyone deserves to enjoy food and pig out once in awhile 🙂

My Goals for Week #11:

  • So many exciting things have been happening with my blog lately that my coach Lora at PLC has encouraged me to make a vision board and goals for Real Momma!! – some pretty cool things in the works maybe a home cooking video and some other challenges and printables!!!
  • Catch up on my paperwork – seems that I've had to cover at the store so many times over the past little bit that my desk is becoming a war zone and needs some extra attention
  • Kick my exercise up a notch and really turn up the competition with Frank these next 2 weeks (which will also be the end of my 90 Day Challenge!!)

I am truly honoured and grateful for all of you and my hobby of having a blog to keep myself accountable has turned into so much more and I owe it to all of you, thank you I really appreciate you!!  It is funny because I do my blogging when I get an opportunity during the week which is usually early in the morning or late at night and I don't think a lot of you know how easy it is to share with other people and it really doesn't take that much time.   If you're interested in starting up your own blog I'd love to help you out – not saying I am an expert but you never know someone might just be looking for a little help but afraid to ask.

So cheers to all of you and thank you again.  Laura 

Care to join me on my challenge?  Maybe start with baby steps and see the 7 day!

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