How do I know if I need a new roof?


As a homeowner sometimes we have to wear many hats from project manager to repair man and everything in between.  When the weather starts to change you might notice a leaky roof or maybe your shingles aren't in the best shape to take on a cold winter.  The best thing you can do is educate yourself and ask questions.  Hopefully after reading this you'll be on the right track to knowing if you need a new roof and hiring the best roof repair contractor!

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How do I know if I need a new roof?

Your roof should always be checked and keeping an eye on the current state of the roof is always a good idea.  The following are signs that you may need a new roof:

  • Your roof is between twenty and twenty-five years old
  • The shingles are excessively cracking, curling, or they are blistering
  • There are many shingles that are missing and are torn or damaged
  • The roof is leaking in many places

How much does a new roof cost?

There is no definitive answer as to how much a new roof will cost. There are a variety of considerations needed before an estimate can be given. From that information, a quote or estimate can be done to know how much replacing your existing roof will be.

Some of the considerations are:

  • Size of roof
  • Materials to be used
  • Location of house (this is needed to determine which materials would be best for that area's weather)
  • Is it for a new house or a re-roofing
  • State costs and taxes – including disposal, etc

After that, you can have several contractors bid on the project to get the best price!


What kinds of questions should I ask a roofing contractor?

Getting a roof contractor to do your roof needs a little certainty and guarantee. A few of the questions you can ask a potential contractor are:

  1. Ask questions regarding their standing in their field of expertise. It will give you a hint whether they are really offering quality service to their clients.
  2. Ask questions with regards to their operation. This includes whether they have necessary permits and licenses to operate such business, and if they are carrying insurance in case there are unforeseen incidents that may happen during the construction.
  3. Ask questions with regards to the actual roofing constructions and the post-construction services including warranty.  What services and warranties they offer in case leakages or damages happened to your roof within a time period after construction is always nice to be aware of.

What kinds of questions should I ask references of a roofing contractor?

Sometimes, you need referrals from people who know the roofing contractor's work you are considering, especially when you are unfamiliar with that type of business. As the roofing contractor for references, especially from customers who have had work done by him. Questions like the following can be asked:

  • Ask questions with regards to their relationship with the contractor. Maybe the contractor is a friend or a relative of your reference. That will give you an idea how well that reference knows the contractor.
  • Ask them if they have personally witnessed the construction of their roof, and at the same time letting your reference talk about the quality of service.
  • Ask queries on the reliability of their service, if it withstands the different outside elements surrounding the roof.

Whatever decision you make being properly informed and getting multiple quotes is the best way to start the process.  Remember that the cheapest quote might not always be the best decision!

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  1. I have renovated a lot of homes over the years, and I have never been able to tell when a new roof is needed. Thanks for addressing this issue directly in your article. I know that some roofs are still repairable even though they’re old and dated. It’s good to know some of the considerations in the cost of a new roof.

  2. Great advice for anyone looking to get a new roof soon. There can be a lot to consider and it can be very expensive to get a new roof, so you want to weigh all the options before pulling the trigger. Thanks for sharing!

  3. The best thing I can think is hire some professionals who deals with this. And your lucky we are those professionals. So check us out If you need some help!

  4. Kathreen Miller on

    It’s true when the weather starts to change you might notice a leaky roof or maybe your shingles aren’t in the best shape to take on a cold winter. Quite an informative post helped a lot.

  5. Your final point is so important to remember – if it’s the cheapest, it probably is for a reason! Thanks for sharing these tips!

  6. Very informative article, yes you are right if the roof has reached its life span period then one must start preparing and make provision in the budget for a new roof. Also if the roof got damaged beyond repair due to lack of maintenance then also it is more cost effective to install a new roof than to repair the existing one.
    Denton Roofer recently posted…Roof Leak: Is it a DIY Project or a Job for Professionals?My Profile

  7. My husband and I have been thinking about putting an offer on a house that we really love. The current roof is pretty old and has green 3-tab shingles on it. If we do buy the house, we’ll want to put on new shingles. I like your tip about finding out if a potential roofer is insured and licensed. Knowing this could help instill confidence in choosing the best person or company for the job.

  8. There are lots of reasons why your roof needs to be replaced, as you mentioned, a roof must be given a serious look when it approaches its time span then if you choose the wrong roofer, you may lead to the situation when you have to replace your roof much earlier than its time span or you did not took good care of your roof, ignored small damages, issues which grow up to become bigger and left you with no other options.

  9. Hi Laura. Great list of signs to look out for when inspecting your roof. I would add just one more thing and that’s to look black or green spots on your roof. These are signs of mold and algae, and need to be removed immediately are often signs of water damage to your roof,so always be on the lookout for that.

  10. I can see why it would be useful to know what type of materials your roof is made of. It does seem like different types of materials will last longer. Personally, I would want to choose a material that lasts a long time because I wouldn’t want to have to do too much maintenance.

  11. Yes! Couldn’t agree with you more. Especially in regards to what to ask when getting a roofing contractor. A good one can make the experience so painless and work with you to find the right roof for your home style, your area and your budget.

  12. roof damage service Passaic County New Jersey on

    New roof is really not the way to go in the first place. You can start by repairing and assessing the problem first.

  13. Jenna Hunter on

    Thanks for the tips for when I can know that I need a new roof. My sister has a roof that needs to be redone. It would be really nice to get it done by a professional.

  14. Laurel Larsen on

    It was interesting to read that a roof’s lifespan is about 20-25 years. My parents’ house is pretty old and I’m not sure if they’ve ever replaced the roof. I’ll be sure to tell them to get a professional out there to determine the health of their roof.

  15. Yeah, you know what, my mom knows well how she manages our house. We expect how she able to know every detail even in unseen areas in our house such as the edges of the cabinet that are broken and roof and gutter leakage. Thank you for the ideas on your blog.

  16. Thank you for sharing on how do I know if I need a new roof i got some ideas, Keep posting awesome post.

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