New Moms: 3 Keys to Protecting Your Children


As a new mother, you always want the best for your child. From the minute you realize you are pregnant, you are trying to protect them from the harmful things in the world. Mothers to be change their diet, avoid toxic air, and start exercising to boost their chances of having a happy, healthy baby. When that precious baby is born, the need to protect does not go away. If anything, it becomes stronger and it seems everywhere you turn is some sort of danger. Luckily, there is no need to put your child in a bubble. With a few precautions, mothers (and fathers!) can breathe easier knowing their child is safe from harm.

New Moms 3 Keys to Protecting Your Children

New Moms: 3 Keys to Protecting Your Children

Advice and Recalls

As a first time mom, it can be stressful trying to navigate through all the advice from well-meaning family and friends. The best thing to do is to choose a doctor that you feel comfortable with and trust. They can give you the best information for keeping your baby happy and healthy. Older family members may not know about how advice has changed, for example, the back to sleep campaign. Make sure that they are aware of these important details before they watch baby unattended. Also, make sure that you register the baby products that you buy or receive as gifts. Registering will make you aware should one of these products become recalled for safety issues.

Security System

You can control many things in life, but you cannot always control the actions of others. You can however make your home less vulnerable to a thief's actions by installing a home security system. There are many products and systems out there ranging from basic to very sophisticated. Some systems simply notify you when a door or window is open in the home (this will come in handy when baby becomes mobile!). Others will call the police for you, sound an alarm, and can be armed from anywhere. The peace of mind that this offers is priceless.

Unseen Danger

Some mothers are relaxed about germs while others wipe down every surface their child comes in contact with. When it comes to germs and illness, it is better to be safe than sorry, especially with a newborn. While baby is building up their immune system, it is perfectly ok to limit their contact with germ infested areas. During cold and flu season, do not feel bad not handing over your baby to every sneezing, wheezing person that wants to hold him or her. If you feel comfortable with it, consider getting a flu shot for your baby if they are old enough. The same holds true for vaccines.

Being a parent is a difficult job that is constantly filled with worry for your child's well-being. Trying to stay one step ahead and taking precautions like these can ease the burden a little and allow you to enjoy the precious moments that you will have with your new baby.

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