5 Ways for Parents to Enjoy Date Nights in Pittsburgh


Raising children is a round-the-clock job and it never seems like there’s a moment left to breathe, let alone taking the time to enjoy your spouse’s company. By the time everything is done for the day and the kids are tucked into bed, your head hits the pillow and you’re out. Can you even imagine what it would be like to have a job like this in the outside world? Even the stingiest of employers allow their employees holidays and vacations, the minimum mandated by law.

5 Ways for Parents to Enjoy Date Nights in Pittsburgh

So then, why do you not make it a habit to set a weekly date night where there are no kids and no chores? The romance might be missing but date nights can certainly help rekindle the spark. Just make sure that time is spent away from home! If not, you’ll be tempted to let your parenting duties interfere with your alone together time.

1. An Evening Stroll Under the Stars

Raising a family can not only be time-consuming; it can be costly as well. In fact, who are you fooling, it is costly! If nothing else, take a stroll under the stars through Schenley or Frick Park. Hold hands, sit on a bench and become the young lovers you once were.

2. One Hour of Fun-filled Action – It’s Time to Break Out!

You play enough games with the children to keep them occupied on cold or rainy days, so why not make date night game night? Check out the action at a Pittsburgh Escape Room where you’ll join a team of other players to solve puzzles or mysteries. These are popping up all over the globe and Pittsburgh has its very own Breakouts. You have an hour to find clues and solve mysteries to win the game, unlocking the door. You’ll only have 60 minutes, so have fun working out the solution.

3. Dinner for Two, Please

Few things are quite as romantic as a candlelit dinner for two with someone you’ve missed spending quality time with. Have a glass of wine and sit back letting someone wait on you for a change. It’s a nice change of pace, isn’t it?

4. Take in a New Flick

There is no watching a movie with little ones underfoot. They demand all your attention even when you’ve told them this is mom and dad time so please play quietly or, best-case scenario, go to sleep like good boys and girls. Yes, movies are a bit expensive anymore, but every now and again you could treat yourselves to a new flick at the local cinema.

5. Double Date Night Ideas

Do you know other couples having the same issues you are? Probably everyone in your close circle of friends has the same trouble taking time for each other minus the kids. Why not plan a double date night of dancing, playing cards, going to the movies or even bowling? It will be reminiscent of days gone by when you really did double date in the early days of a budding romance.


No matter what you do, take time away to be together as a couple. Not only do you need a break from all the pressure, but you need that time together to keep the flame glowing. It’s too easy to grow apart if you don’t take time for each other and this may be your one chance a week to make that time. Enjoy date night in Pittsburgh!

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