Tis the Season of Snuggles How to Keep Your Family Cozy this Winter


Tis the Season of Snuggles How to Keep Your Family Cozy this Winter pexels fireplace

Families typically spend more time indoors during the winter months. Even when kids and adults take advantage of some of the unique winter-time outdoor activities, it’s always great to return to a cozy indoor atmosphere. There are many ways you can increase the level of coziness in your home this winter.

Indoor Winter Activities 

An indoor fort built using blankets provides a warm place for kids to play. Adding a teepee to their bedroom can also give them a cozy place to play, nap or read. Cooking with your kids is a great family activity. The aroma of cookies baking seems to instantly add coziness to a home’s atmosphere. Add some hot cocoa and you have a favorite winter snack. Make family night fun by staging a camp-out in the family room. Toss some big pillows and blankets on the floor in front of the television and enjoy a movie together. A little imagination can go a long way toward keeping everyone entertained and toasty warm.


Seasonal shifts give you an opportunity to change the décor in your home. To increase the level of warmth and coziness, place plush blankets or throws across the sofa, accent chairs or bed. Add layers of light to soften the atmosphere in your home. Adding rugs to your home can make a cold, hard floor much warmer and more inviting. A warm plush rug makes a good play space for kids in winter. Hanging insulated window treatments can reduce your utility bill and increase the level of comfort in your home.

Heating System

Before the cold temperatures arrive, you should have a professional come out and check your heating system. The prevention of a problem is far better than needing repair on a cold winter day or night. You can do your part to keep your system working efficiently by changing the filters regularly and following proper operating instructions. If you are new to the area, start with you’re A/C repair company. Companies that work on air conditioners frequently work on heating systems too.

Supplemental Heat

Depending on the layout of your home and the temperature desires of your family, you may need to have some supplemental heat in some of your rooms. A supplemental heater that has the appearance of a fireplace burning can add physical warmth and visual coziness to a room. Placing a heater such as this in the family room gives you an ideal setting for an indoor picnic. If you have a fireplace and proper chimney setup, safely starting a fire could be a good way to warm up common areas in your home.

Taking care of routine maintenance such as making sure there are no air leaks in windows and doors will make your home more comfortable during the winter. It will also reduce heating cost. Warmth is necessary for coziness. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box to bring some extra coziness to your home and family this winter.

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