Grave Risks of Not Keeping Up with Home Maintenance


Having chores, a to-do list, hiring contractors, or taking care of odd and end things around the house are things no homeowner really wants to deal with. Yet, the truth is, if they want to remain in a safe and decent environment, they have no other choice.

Your home’s aesthetic appeal and structural integrity decline over time, and can only be improved through routine maintenance. If you’ve been putting off that “honey do list” or calling a contractor because you’re too busy or believe you can’t afford it, these consequences make convince you otherwise.

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Structural Damage

Your home was built with every intention of keeping its occupants safe and comfortable. Once you own the property, it becomes your job to make sure that the integrity and structure of your home stay intact. Unfortunately, lots of homeowners neglect this responsibility and instead wait until there are serious issues before doing something about it. Over the years, your home could encounter a lot of damage including, but not limited to the following:

  • Chewed Wood or Damaged Wires – Wood can be found throughout the entirety of a home’s structure. It is a common material used in creating a frame and other parts of the home. Your wood needs to be inspected on occasion. As pests like termites could gain access to your home and do some serious damage to the wood. Another pest known to cause property damage are mice. They are known for traveling through your walls and gnawing on electrical wires. If there is noticeable damage to the wood or electrical wiring in your home, a company for pest control in Nashville TN says this is a sign of an infestation.
  • Water Damage – Another issue that homeowners may have who neglect the importance of maintenance is water damage. Plumbing pipes are designed to allow water and waste to travel safely to and from the house, but over time, they can become damaged. The same goes for the roof. When pipes waste away from erosion or the roof shingles come loose due to storms, it creates room for water to enter your home. This can lead to water damage and mold development depending on how long it takes you to realize the problem.
  • Deteriorating Walls – Your walls are composed of building materials that are designed to last for years. However, as with most other things in your home, your walls can become damaged due to old age, elements of the weather, and other factors in the home. For instance, a house where the walls are covered by wallpaper may take it off to discover holes in the wall or other damage.

System Failure

As if structural damage isn’t enough to deal with, those who neglect to maintain their home will also suffer system failures. When you don’t maintain your heating, cooling, electrical, plumbing, and water systems, eventually they break down and/or become less efficient.

This lack of efficiency can begin to eat away at your finances as your utilities increase. It also means that everyday tasks like getting washed, using the bathroom, or even preparing meals will become difficult to complete.

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Financial Setbacks

Thought that was the end of the risk you’re taking by not maintaining your home? Think again.

Those who do not keep up with maintenance will also suffer significant financial setbacks. Neglecting to take care of things when they are minor (like cleaning the vents of your heating system or having the septic tank pumped periodically), can result in major problems (like the need to replace the heating motor or have your entire house cleared of waste).

There’s also the reminder that inefficient systems drain your energy resulting in higher energy bills. Paying for repairs and having to prematurely replace items in the home adds up to thousands of dollars.

Maintaining your home may not be your favorite thing to do on the weekends, but it has been proven to be necessary. When you neglect the physical condition of your residence, eventually it can lead to major problems. This includes safety issues for you and your loved ones, damaged property, malfunctioning systems, and an increased debt.

To avoid all of the above, it is imperative that you create a home maintenance schedule and stick to it.

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