Three Ways to Save Money on Your Home Energy Bills


Three ways to save money on your home energy bills

With cost of living on the rise now is the time to make changes in our everyday lives.  Every year we spend a huge chunk of our monthly income on energy for our home. By making simple changes and creating greener habits you can see your electricity bill fall and your self-sufficiency rise.

The automated way to save money on your electricity bill is with a programmable thermostat, you can adjust it to your daily routine and use less energy while everyone is out of the home and while you're sleeping.  You won't notice while indoors but you will notice it when you electricity bill arrives!

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The simplest way to save money on your electricity bill – turn things off!  A few simple changes you can make are:

  • If you're purchasing new appliances look for Energy Star, they're a bit of an investment up front but will pay off in the long run.
  • Replace burnt out lights with compact fluorescent light bulbs, they use less energy and last longer too!

Sunrun Solar Service

The smartest way to power a smart home is with clean, affordable electricity from the sun.  Sunrun invented solar service, a way to get solar on your roof without the high upfront cost and hassle of ownership.  A benefit of using Sunrun solar service is they give you control over your electricity costs and protect you against unpredictable electricity rate increases.

Sunrun solar is a win-win; good for your wallet, and good for the planet.

A few misconceptions you might be worried about are:

  • “Solar is expensive and has a high upfront cost.” Reality: With Sunrun solar leasing, homeowners can get solar on their roof for as little as $0 down and start saving on their monthly electricity costs immediately.
  • “Solar energy is more expensive than the electricity my utility provides.”Reality: If Sunrun doesn't think they can save you money, they won't sell you a system.
  • Is it true that I can put my solar electricity back into the grid? Yes! When you go solar, a net meter is installed along with the system. It looks a lot like your utility meter and measures how much solar electricity the system produces. So, if it produces more electricity than you used (e.g., on sunny afternoons), that excess electricity is automatically fed to the utility grid and your net meter will “spin” backwards, earning you energy credits. In the evenings, when the solar system is not producing electricity, the homeowner uses those energy credits to power their home.

Sunrun Solar

The size of your house doesn't matter, you can contact Sunrun to come out and give you a free consultation and see if solar energy is the right fit for you and your home.

Sunrun home solar panels

Sunrun makes solar power headache free by monitoring your solar system's production remotely, so you have peace of mind.  Go solar with Sunrun and start saving on your electricity bill immediately.

Electricity from Sunrun is more affordable than electricity from your utility. *Actual savings will vary. See for details.

Through these smart, simple and automated ways to save you'll see a drop in your bills in no time!  Start creating greener habits today for a better tomorrow!

What's your best tip to save money on your home energy bill?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. Hi there Real Momma, nice tips there. We have been looking to cut down our electricity bills for a while because it isn’t impressive. We are still to get our solar panels installed which I believe can make us forget about the crazy bills. Thanks a lot for sharing and keep up the good work.


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