Golden Slumbers: Top Tips for Quality Shuteye


When you embark on the good ship parenthood, trying to get a good night’s sleep can be beset with stormy weather. At first, it’s all about juggling feeds, changes and cuddles and then it progresses to the patter of little feet in the hall at 5am, or early morning cartoons. Even on nights when you’re relieved of your duties as a doting dada or nurturing mommy, getting back into a relaxed state can often become a challenge when you’re used to being constantly on call. But don’t despair; there are steps you can take to take your REM back, one z at a time.

Reclaim your nest

Having somewhere comfortable to rest and sinking into smooth, crisp bedding that smells like lavender or jasmine is so much better than crawling into a rumpled mess full of crumbs. When you know you’re getting an evening off, allocate 15 minutes to a mad dash to get your boudoir looking beautiful. Puff up your pillows, place gently scented candles on the bedside table, and leave a favorite book by the lamp. Think hotel room levels of comfort, for the optimum retreat from reality.

Get appy

There are so many apps you can use to improve the quality of your sleep. If you arise to a gently plucked harp, the sounds of your favorite radio show or podcast, you’ll emerge from the bedroom with a grin on your face, rather than a disoriented grimace. Use a sleep tracking app to monitor your movements in the night and how much deep sleep you are really getting. Some can even find your optimum point in the sleep cycle at which to wake you gently, which will help you feel more rested.

Set a bedtime and a waking time. Stick to them.

It’s all very well establishing a routine for the little ones, but if you don’t enforce one for yourself, your body clock can quickly get out of whack. There’s also no harm in topping up your energy levels with a midday nap; again, if this is something you’re finding your body craves, set a rough time in your routine, and stick to it. If you’re feeding, or you have a newborn, the best advice is to nap when baby naps, and use a monitor if you’re worried about missing a feed.

With the tips above you’ll be able to get a good night’s rest. Sleep tight now!

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