Makeup to Match Your Hair Color and Skin Tone


The Makeup 101 series has been a lot of fun, there is so much to learn about picking the perfect makeup and disasters to avoid. Now we'll touch on  trying to find out the best makeup colors to match your skin tone and hair color.   This can be a challenge all by itself.  Hopefully by the end of this article you'll have a few new ideas!

Makeup to Match Your Hair Color and Skin Tone

Let’s Start with Skin Tone

For those with more of a tanned complexion:

  1. A peachy color that would illuminate your sun kissed skin color
  2. A salmon coral type of color to accentuate your tan
  3. In the wintertime, a color that would best fit tan is a very thin amount of light blue that would highlight your skin

If your skin tone is of a paler complex:

  1. Go anywhere from an emerald green to a light white
  2. For a flawless and natural look, you would be better off going with the light white
  3. If you put a very little bit of white, it will give the illusion of you looking more awake

If you're going out for a girls’ night type of event, a dark dramatic color will highlight your skin and eye color.

When it comes to hair color, eye shadow is very important because, believe it or not, eye shadow can help illuminate your hairstyle and highlights!

Considering Your Hair Color

  • Red hair: Red hair mostly looks good with a gentle brown or a light to dark green, as it brings out the gentle highlights in your hair.
  • Blonde hair: A darker brown would be presentable when applied gently and carefully, as too much could be overboard.
  • Brunette hair: Most brunettes can pull off a soft pink and/or a light beige best, as it brings out the actual color of your hair.
  • Black hair: Black hair is most likely to look great with a light grey or a soft green, because those colors make your hair shine with natural beauty.
  • Bright hair (dyed hair colors): These types of styles look great with just plain eye shadows, such as brown, or other nature colored ones. Because all the attention will be on your hair, a lighter color would make it more noticeable. But be careful with which shade you use, because if you choose the wrong shade, it may not come out well.


Most brands have different palettes of eye shadow for natural and more colorful types. The brand COVERGIRL sells palettes that range from natural type colors to bright colors for fun parties.

Always remember to carefully blend colors together.  For an intelligent and sophisticated look add a slight highlight color, such as crème, or a small amount of light yellow.

The best frugal brands to that will give you the best bang for your buck and allow for some trial and error, would be:


These brands have great long lasting coverage for your all your eye shadow needs.  For more makeup tips check out the Makeup 101 series including building your makeup kit, makeup tips, disasters to avoid and all about mascara!

Hopefully these tips on makeup to match your hair color and skin tone gave you a few new ideas!

What's your favorite makeup to wear?

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