Planning an Epic Alaska Adventure


Alaska offers an incredibly diverse experience for those seeking something special while on vacation.  With snowy mountains, seacoast glaciers, stunning National Parks, brown bears, soaring eagles, and untouched wilderness this destination is made for adventurers.

Planning An Epic Family Adventure to Alaska

Planning activities that combine road travel along with experiencing the unspoiled nature is truly what makes Alaska a great start for an epic family adventure.  If you're an active family this amazing state has a lot to offer.


The larget mountain in North America, Mount McKinley.  Located in the breathtaking Denali National Park this is one experience you won't want to pass up.  From walking to hiking every area offers a fun way to explore and experience the raw nature Alaska has to offer.

For the adrenalin lovers, Alaska has a variety of sports to offer including skiing, rafting, and kayaking expeditions. Flowing north through the heart of the Alaska Range, the Nenana River is the most popular whitewater river in Alaska. Sea kayak trips near Kenai Fjords are popular, there are a variety of family-friendly tours on larger boats with Kenai Fjords Tours like we went on.

During wintertime, you can take part in a guided backcountry snowmobile tour and dogsled tour or a fantastic glacier tour. Or have you ever experienced the thrill of climbing a shimmering ice wall?

Must-See Culture and History

A sled dog kennel.  If you're an animal lover or a lover of history a kennel tour is a given for Alaska.  Their historical Iditarod race that spreads over 1,049 miles and has fourteen dogs per team.  This sporting event is steeped in history dating back to 1925 when Leonhard Seppala set out on a life or death mission with the diphtheria serum run.

We loved the tour at Happy Trails with four-time Iditarod Champion Martin Buser.  You get an inside look at their daily life at the kennel, you can interact with the dogs and go through what happens at a checkpoint on the Iditarod trail.  All the guides are Iditarod finishers and the favorite of all tour-goers is holding the puppies at the end.


Consider including a variety of accommodations in your travel plans.  From camping at secluded properties to comfortable accommodations at local B&Bs.  You'll want to plan your stays early because most places book up quickly especially in high tourist times.  Consider checking out a stay AirBnB where you can experience life in Alaska more laid back than at a hotel, with these stays you can also meet some amazing locals who will share a few of the hidden gems with you.

What to Pack

When it comes to clothing in Alaska there are two basic rules to observe: staying warm and staying dry.  I highly recommend investing in a waterproof coat that you can easily layer under.  With layers, you can always take them off as the day goes on.  What some people tend to forget is Alaska actually has warm summers so the morning might start off chilly or high altitudes the temperature drops but around town or relaxing by a lake in the afternoon you'll welcome a bathing suit so you can take a dip to cool off.

Waterproof boots or hiking boots are a great thing to pack for outdoor adventures and to keep your feet dry and comfortable.  But the favorite piece of clothing I packed in my SA Co Faceshield, I used it on the fishing boat, hikes and during the day as a headband.  It truly added that extra layer of warmth on my head and neck while exploring the glaciers and those icy winds hit, they were bone-chilling before I was in full gear.


When planning an Alaska adventure you'll be surprised at everything this amazing state has to offer.  I highly recommend getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new whether it is a simple afternoon hike or dogsled ride you'll have happy you pushed your limits.  We hope you get to experience and epic family adventure like we did in Alaska!

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