Frozen GoGurt Pops for Summer Snacking


I have a quick and healthy snack idea for the kids you'll love if you're on the go in the summer!  We love packing a cooler, jumping in the car and exploring new places so when it comes to packing healthy snacks I've had to get creative.

GoGurt Snacks

One problem we always face is the warm weather and keeping everything chilled for a day of adventure.  One snack we all love is yogurt!   I've got creative with the Yoplait GoGurt and found a fun way for everyone to enjoy a snack any time of the day.  It is simple all you do is put the box of Gogurt in the freezer at night and by morning you have frozen yogurt pops!

Simple GoGurt Snack

The kids love the Cool Cotton Candy and Strawberry Splash flavors, and I have to admit they are pretty delicious! Just rip off the top and you have a wholesome snack in seconds.  Freezing the GoGurt works perfectly for throwing it in the cooler because it stays cold for the adventure, it might not be frozen when lunchtime rolls around but it is still cold and perfect to enjoy as a treat.

GoGurt Popsicles

On days I forget to make frozen GoGurt pops I make them a popsicle in 10 minutes!  I grab our Zoku, add a tube per section, put the sticks in and wait for 10 minutes.  They come out perfect every time!  The best part is the kids think they're having a treat since it is a popsicle and not out of the original packaging. Win, win with a wholesome snack for the whole family!

GoGurt Pops

Yoplait has a variety of yogurts to choose from including Original, Light, Greek and GoGurt with a ton of flavors you'll want to check out for my Frozen Yogurt Bites recipe!

What's your go to wholesome summer snack?


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