Cool Parents: How to Spoil your Kids on their Next Birthday


Cool Parents How to Spoil your Kids on their Next Birthday

Being one of the cool parents is often something that kids might not like. They sometimes don't want their parents involved in everything that they do with school or with their friends. However, you can score some cool points by hosting the best birthday party on the block or simply by spoiling your kids on their special day.

Shopping Surprises
This is more for the girls in the family. Your daughter can invite her friends for a day of shopping at a favorite mall. One way to make the day memorable is by making a plan with some of her favorite stores to have a gift at the register. This will be an added treat for your daughter while she's spending time looking for clothes for school or the latest accessories.

Three Ring Circus
If you have younger children, then this is a fun idea. There are ways that you can hold a complete circus without spending a lot of money if you have friends who are willing to help. Find a few people who will be clowns and a few who can help serve snacks. You can also set up games for kids to play. A petting zoo can also be a part of the circus. Make sure you have plenty of colorful balloons and maybe even a magic show to end the event.

A Good Sport
Whether you have girls or boys, there is likely some kind of sport that they enjoy. In order to make the day special, hire a limo. There are various sizes of limos that you can get, and you can sometimes get one that features bright lights and snacks for the birthday child. Arrive at the sporting event, such as a basketball or football game, and surprise your child by getting someone to announce the birthday before the game begins. You can also get the name of your child displayed on a screen along with a birthday message. End the day with a special dinner.

One of the ways to spoil your children on their birthday is to get all of the favorites they enjoy. Take your children to see a favorite movie, to enjoy a meal at a favorite restaurant, and if you have the funds, try to find someone they like to listen to in music or watch on television to pay a surprise visit. They will enjoy being pampered with all of their beloved treats while knowing you care enough to learn a little about their life.


Making sure your child's birthday is special is often a part of being a cool parent. You can spoil your child by hosting a party or simply spending the day with a few friends. It might be a busy day, but it will be a day your child will likely never forget. Take plenty of pictures, and enjoy knowing that for at least one day, you are the coolest parent around.

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  1. Love all of these ideas! Making your little one’s special day will mean so much to him or her. It sometimes can be a lot of work, but it’s totally worth the giant smile on their face! Very nice compilation here! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas with us!

  2. Now those are great ideas on how to be really involved without them noticing it. Those are the things that when the kids get back home, they’ll have huge smiles and lots of stories. Surely a way to build memorable moments, thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow, these are definitely some fantastic ideas on how to make amazing memories with your child on their special day! Another good idea to add to the shopping trip would be taking them to the mall and or other stores as well in a limo! Love this post overall, thanks for sharing!

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