Simple DIY Silverware Bundles


My favourite part of the summer is making new family memories. I’m always up for fun and something we love doing as a family is exploring new places. That’s why I wanted to share a couple tips on how to get out the door quickly so you can enjoy more time together.

Simple Tips to Pack a Cooler

We can easily be out the door in fifteen minutes after getting our hiking gear on, packing a cooler and piling in the car. A neat trick I’ve learned over the years is how to easily pack individual silverware bundle; all it takes is a Royale® Tiger Towel® and a few pieces of silverware!

Packing Silverware with Royale Tiger Towel

All you have to do is lay the silverware on a piece of Royale® Tiger Towel® and roll!

Royale Tiger Towel Silverware Roll

Once you have all your silverware bundles, place them in a cup or jar and put them in the cooler.

Silverware Mug

Pack your cooler with leftovers, veggies and dip, beverages, a snack and an ice pack or two! When you arrive at the destination you can quickly get everyone set up and ready to eat! Eating on the go can be that simple and food always tastes better with real silverware and some fresh air.

Don’t forget to have a couple beach towels stored in the car just in case you run into some bad weather or decide to go for a swim. We also like to keep a change of clothes for each person for those unpredictable moments.

Just remember that making new memories shouldn’t feel like a chore. Keep things simple and have a system where everyone has their own responsibilities so you can be out the door in a jiffy!

With two kids and a revolving door during the summer months, there is always a spill just about the happen. One thing I’ve learned during the Royale® Tiger Towel® challenge is that you can never have too many paper towels!


What does your family love to do in the summer?

Chatelaine Tasters Testers 2015

As a Chatelaine Taster & Tester, I was asked to participate in the Royale® Tiger Towel® initiative. As always, all opinions are my own.

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