Summer Camp is Great for the Whole Family


This year has marked many firsts for us especially this summer with a three-week vacation together!  Since both kids are off to school in September this year we wanted to take the time to celebrate our family and spend some quality time together.  Everyone got a little input into what we did including the kids going to a summer camp!

Summer Camp is Great for the Whole Family


Researching sleepaway camps is a lot of fun especially when you start planning ahead.  Recognizing that each child is different in their own unique way is important.  No matter what summer camp the kids choose they'll have the opportunity to experience new things, meet new people and start gaining independence.  I love how you can notice a difference in the kids when they come home from camp, whether it is sleepaway or day camp.

A few of the difference I noticed this year were:

  • Independence.  Being away from home for the first time can be scary, but new friends and fun activities will help to make the transition easier.  I belive independence is important in preparing the kids for the real world especially as they get older and venture out on their own.
  • Responsibility. Every camp empowers responsiblity in a variety of ways.  Some camps might offer personal responisibility through mainting living quarters, assigning daily responsibilities and taking care of their personal items.  I believe responisiblity leads to empowerment in so many areas.
  • Teamwork. One of the most important experiences is learning to work together as a team. Working together as a team to achieve a common goal is an important tool at any age.
  • Friendship. New friends will be met and there is plenty of fun to be had. Learning to make friends and how to be a good friend is an important life lesson.

The most important part of a vacation and camp is the experience!  Exploring new places and starting a journey towards independence and empowerment.  I believe giving my kids the tools now to empower them to be influential adults who are comfortable in whatever situation they get into is important.

Seeing the smile and sense of responsiibility on the kids face when they come home from summer camp is priceless!

Do your kids go to summer camp?

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