Annoying Upkeep: The Most Frustrating Aspects Of Home Maintenance


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Home maintenance is one of those essential things you've got to do once in a while, but the fact of the matter is, it's a painstaking process. Whether you are upgrading your living room, or you're just trying to sort out one of the smaller spaces in the home, there are so many different aspects that can prove to be very annoying. So, what are these?

Getting rid of that annoying smell

Sometimes no matter how much spring cleaning we do, there is a horrid stench emanating from an unknown area. If you have had enough of this stink, the best way to mask the smell is to sprinkle a few drops of vanilla extract into your furnace filter. It doesn't have to be vanilla extract, it can be any essential oil you choose, and this will make your home smell fresh.

Defogging the windows

If you've got double pane windows, and they get fogged up on a regular basis, this can be particularly frustrating. The reason this occurs is because the original vacuum wasn’t sealed properly. The best approach is to replace one of the panes. Or you can take this opportunity to put some window tinting features on it, which will reduce the appearance of fogginess, but actually helps to reduce energy costs overall.

A runny toilet

If your toilet continually runs, and is the bane of your existence, this is something that you can fix yourself. The primary cause is the rubber flapper, which is the piece that seals the water out. By fixing this, or by getting a replacement flapper, this will solve most toilet issues.

Rotting wood

If you have rotting wood at the base of your windows, you can fix this by using epoxy. This only sticks to dry and clean wood, so be sure to remove all the rotten wood first.

Clogged drains

A lot of us are forgiven for thinking that we need to get a professional out to fix this, but in fact, there are a few easy fixes. If you have a constant block in your kitchen sink, the first thing to think about is what you're actually pouring down there on a regular basis. Because oils will tend to solidify in the drain, and therefore cause blockage. But if you're not particularly sure as to the cause, you can use a few remedies that are chemical free. Baking soda and vinegar are two options many people use. But if this isn't doing the trick, good old fashioned boiled water, or a plunger will be another suitable option. In addition to this, if you've got an issue around the u-bend, use a wire coat hanger.

Of course, this is the very surface of what can be annoying when it comes to home maintenance, but the real solution to prevent these problems is to keep on top of them in the first place. By doing a check over your home every couple of months, you can spot potential problems before they turn into something worse. This is the best approach in maintaining a good quality home, but it also helps to cut back on forking out for expensive products.

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