What Makes Librarianship a Rewarding Field?


The modern world needs librarians who are prepared to face the challenge of working in XXI Century Libraries and everything that it entails. Librarians are essential to a world that seems more and more filled with new information every passing day. These guardians of information must also wade through vast amounts of misleading misinformation, in a world full of content, incipient information, and inequality. Without a doubt, if a list with the most essential professions in the world were to be made, librarians would appear in the top 10!

As said before, the world needs librarians… but how can we convince people to become librarians? To begin with, it can be said that the job is not as comfortable as people tend to think. Librarians won’t be exempt from stressful situations and, unfortunately, librarians won’t make a lot of money. It’s not easy to cheer you up after hearing these three things that may sound discouraging. However, let us try to convince you. Librarians, we need you! Here we give you 10 good reasons that make librarianship such a rewarding field.

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1st reason: It is an essential profession

Libraries are a social necessity and the world cannot do without them. We need professional librarians who take on social information and cultural responsibility. They have to accept the challenge of defending and protecting libraries.

2nd reason: You will be in touch with information and culture

Librarians are in permanent touch with information and culture. Both of them are fundamental pillars for personal and professional projection. It is also a librarian’s mission to promote both of them so that they reach people and societies.

3rd reason: You will be constantly evolving

Being a librarian is to be immersed in a profession of constant evolution that needs preparation for change and adaptation. If something characterizes librarians, it is their ability for renovation and recycling. This is why they need to have great doses of motivation and the ability to take on changes, the capability to deal with working dynamics, as well as a variety of functions and activities to execute.

4th reason: You will be a necessary connecting link

Librarians are the connecting link between a library and the informative, training and leisure necessities of people. They are an essential connection in society, since they are the expert in what a library can offer to its community of users.

5th reason: You will have a great social informative responsibility

Librarianship is a profession with a great deal of social informative responsibility. A librarian must give reliable and precise information to the people according to their needs. And they also have the hard task of not letting people fall into misinformation.

6th reason: You will be in a job without physical or digital frontiers

With the appearance of the internet, a completely new path of discovery was created for libraries. Librarians have to respond to their user’s community, whether this community is physically at the library or in touch through different digital mediums and platforms which already exist. Furthermore, this remote connection gives librarians the possibility of working as a team, even when there is only one solo librarian in charge of the library. It will also allow librarians to be in touch with other librarians alone in the world. A librarian will never be alone.

7th reason: You will have the chance to transform people

It is a profession that requires work in order to eliminate the digital-informative gap that currently exists in the world. This social transformation is done through programs and activities of informational and digital literacy. Furthermore, it allows people to discover information and then convert it into knowledge.

8th reason: You will provide unlimited access to resources

Librarians allow access to all the information, resources, services, activities, and technology that is available at the library to all kinds of people who require it. This is a service that is impressive as it is necessary nowadays.

9th reason: You will defend access, authorship, and privacy

Librarianship is a profession that defends the right to access to information, it defends the authorship and intellectual property rights, and it also defends the privacy of people. This is why, among many other things, librarians are so trusted by the people.

10th reason: You will have a great social valuation

It is a profession that has a great social value. In fact, the library is one of the most valued services both by library users and non-users. And the appreciation that librarians receive from their users is simply outstanding.

So, would you like to become a librarian? Have you realized how important and rewarding this profession is? Take a look at this Master of Library and Information Science course and take the first step in order to become a librarian and reward the world with such an essential service!

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