3 Living Room Upgrades To Consider


3 Living Room Upgrades To Consider

The living room is a vital part of the family home — it's where family and friends gather to hang out or unwind. Upgrading that space can be a great project that benefits the whole family. With living room remodels costing between $518 to $1547, according to Home Stratosphere, there are a number of different upgrades to consider. Lets take a look at a few creative and relatively quick ideas.

1. Freshen Up

You'd be surprised the difference a general freshen up to your living room can make. If you're not prepared to undergo a huge overhaul, consider a just sprucing it up. How? Take a look around. Are your accessories — pillows, curtains, lampshades and rugs — tired and drab? Make the room more aesthetically pleasing by purchasing new decor items in coordinating colors and patterns. Add a fresh coat of paint to the walls to complement the look, and you'll notice that the room will look almost brand new. One of the greatest aspects of this upgrade is that with a bit of research and smart shopping, you can spend a small amount of money but see amazing results.

2. Electric Fireplaces

Fireplaces are a useful and cozy addition to any living room; however, they can be tedious to build into a house (if you're even allowed to) and harder to maintain. Adding an electric fireplace lets you and your family enjoy the warming perks of a fireplace during the winter without the hassle. From TV stand varieties to wall-mounted ones, there are many electric fireplace options to choose from, all available at different price points. Make it a fun upgrade by getting your family involved and browsing the different options online together.

3. Spruce Up Your Walls

If you're passionate about artwork, adding pieces to the living room can be an ongoing project as you come across the right work. Not exactly an art buff? Not to worry, wall decor doesn't have to be just paintings. One of the best wall upgrades that can include the whole family is adding some photos to your living room wall. Bring the whole family together to experiment with different shapes and size of photo frames, and mix and match your favorite memories to create a collage on your walls. It will not only be a fun upgrading project, but it will also add a sense of warmth and happiness to your living room.


Upgrading your living room is a fun and exciting task for you and the family. Whether it's adding new pieces of furniture, implementing some cool new features or just generally freshening up the room, there are many options to make your living room look new and improved.

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  1. Great tips. Living room upgrade, as you said, is a fun thing but I must say it’s overwhelming too, mentally and otherwise. The mental part takes a great toll, as you stuck between deciding on the right color, the furniture to move in, the wall frames, accessories and more.

    Even with great help from blogs as yours, there’s still a little feeling of doubt, until the whole thing comes out/. And most times, with help, it comes out good.Your tips are helpful. Thanks for sharing

  2. Hello Laura, living room is very important part of our house. All friends and family members spend their lots of time there. Thank you so much for sharing such useful tips for upgrade living room. Keep posting!

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