Adapt Your Home for Your New Dog with These Tips


Getting a dog is a special moment for your family. Your new pooch becomes one of your own and will be loved by everyone. If you've finally caved after months of pleading, adopting a dog isn't something to take lightly. Your home is one of the important things to think about. Much like having a child, you need to dog-proof your home. Not only do you need to protect your home from the dog, but you need to make it safe for them too. There are several things you should think about before you bring your four-legged friend home.

Adapt Your Home for Your New Dog with These TipsSavanna

Setting Up a Space for the Dog

It's a good idea to give your dog their own space, at least for sleeping. They might not always use their bed, but many dogs like to have somewhere that belongs to them. You might also choose to crate train your dog so they have somewhere to go at night or when you are out. Choose a quiet corner of the house where they can go when they want some peace. In particular, they might have times when they want to get away from the kids. It's also a good idea to choose an eating area for them. This should be somewhere they can eat without other pets or people bothering them and where they won't make a mess.


Installing a Dog Door

Letting your dog in and out of the house all the time can be annoying. Like cars, some dogs have a tendency to want to keep switching between inside and outside. You might prefer to install a dog door so they can go in and out on their own. It can useful if your dog needs to go out during the night or you just want them to be able to go outside whenever they want. A dog door doesn't need to ruin the look of your home. You can even put a dog door in a glass door so it fits in with your current design.

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Making Your Outdoor Space Safe

Dogs all need to go outside, and sometimes they might be out on their own. It's important for the space to be safe for your dog. If they go into the backyard, you should ensure it is fenced off to keep them contained. It also keeps other people out, such as naughty children, troublesome neighbors, or even dog thieves. You should also be careful about what is growing in your garden. Some plants can be poisonous to your dog, so you shouldn't grow them. Check your garden regularly to make sure there isn't anything that could hurt your dog. You never know if someone might have tossed something over the fence.


Keep Your House Clean

Having a clean and tidy home is important with dogs, and especially with puppies. They will often explore with their mouths, just like babies do. You don't want them to eat anything that could make them ill. For the same reason, it's essential to be careful with food and the garbage.
Remember to prepare your home before you bring your new dog home. If you already have pets, don't forget to introduce them slowly too.

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