Choosing the Best Roofing Contractors in Troy Michigan


When it comes to home maintenance one thing overlooked by many is roof maintenance, repair and replacement.  This task is not to be taken lightly and should be dealt with by professionals you can trust that are local and have a proven track record with customers.

When looking for a roofing contractor here are a few things you should take into consideration:

  1. Are they licensed and insured?
  2. Do they have a local phone number and address?
  3. Is a warranty provided?
  4. What services are offered by the company?
  5. What are the fees associated with the project?

This might seem like simple questions but it is better to be upfront and know what to expect.  With Troy Roofing Pros every customer, commercial and/or residential, are treated with integrity and honesty starting with a no cost, no obligation inspection of the whole roofing system.

These Roofing Contractors in Troy Michigan take all parts of the roofing system into consideration and offer repair, maintenance, and installation services of:

  • Roof
  • Deck (foundation under the roofing materials)
  • Chimney
  • Vents
  • Gutters and Downspouts
  • Garage Roof
  • Skylights
  • Solar Panels

The initial no cost inspection is followed by a written evaluation and estimate including all the services they offer backed by their 22 years of quality roofing experience in the community.  That means you don't have to worry about hiring someone to remove the old roof, you know the costs up front and you have someone to talk to if questions or concerns arise.

When it comes to pricing Troy Roofing Pros and their services are competitive in the marketplace.  They're in business to give you the best service and highest quality product at the best price without cutting corners.  They use name brand, warranted products whenever possible and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  They can also assist you in filling out insurance paperwork and offer affordable financing programs to fit within your budget.

The Roofing Contractors in Troy Michigan are a reputable, friendly and family owned business that have experts available 24/7 year round.  With an established reputation in Oakland County, as well as throughout Southeastern Michigan they stand behind their services.

For a local licensed, insured and bonded company you can trust the Roofing Contractors in Troy Michigan!

Choosing the Best Roofing Contractors in Troy Michigan

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  1. Thanks for bringing to my attention the importance of checking for a local phone number and address when choosing a roofing contractor. My roof is getting really old, and I’m worried it’s going to start having problems with leaking, so I want to have it replaced. I’m looking for a contractor, so maybe it would be valuable to make sure they’re based locally so I know they’re reputable.

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