6 Things Every Family Needs for a Successful Camping Trip


Camping is a fun and affordable way to give your family a vacation. However, it's also easy for a camping trip to turn sour if you don't pack the right things. Keep these six camping essentials in mind to ensure that your family has a great time and makes lots of memories.

6 Things Every Family Needs for a Successful Camping Trip

A Good Campsite

Choosing the right campsite is vital to a successful camping trip. You don't want to be stuck next to rowdy frat boys or foul-mouthed fisherman all weekend. Research campsites in advance and look for destinations with family-friendly accommodations.

Tents and Sleeping Bags

Your tent is your home away from home while camping, so choose one with plenty of room and features like mosquito netting and weatherproofing. Considering getting separate tents for the adults and children if your kids are old enough and responsible enough to have their own tent. Resist the urge to choose cutesy or character branded sleeping bags for your kids, and buy them durable, comfortable sleeping bags instead.

Camping Food

Food is the most important part of a successful camping trip. If you plan to have a campfire, don't forget the hot dogs and marshmallows. Bring plenty of snacks, such as granola bars, fruit and crackers, for the kids because they will get hungry exploring and playing all day. Keep an ice chest filled with bottled water and cold drinks.

Activities and Entertainment

A family camping trip with nothing to do will result in bored and cranky kids. Bring outdoor games like horseshoes and badminton, painting and drawing supplies, books and a guitar for songs around the campfire.

Something to Haul Your Gear

A small, versatile trailer like the aluminum utility trailer from Hillsboro Industries is a great way to prevent packing your car to overflowing with camping gear. Any car, truck or SUV can pull a trailer as long as the proper hitch is installed on the vehicle.

A Positive Attitude

Finally, a positive attitude is key to a successful camping trip. Even if everything goes wrong, you can still have a great time and make lasting memories as long as you keep a positive attitude.

The camping experience is something that takes a little practice. The more trips your family makes, the better each one will be, so don't worry if there are few glitches during your first time out. Remember to learn from your mistakes and keep your own list of camping essentials that is specific to your family.

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  1. they are all good tips for camping but i would put clothes as one of essentials regardless of what time of season
    it is i have took a fishing trip in june and it got down into the 30 at night thanks

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